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    Hey all,

    Does anybody have any input on aftermarket tubeless wire wheels ? I'm getting mixed reviews about American Wire Wheels and Ride Wright. Anyone with good or bad experiences with the product or customer service. ? Reading alot about fitment and wheel bearing issues. Thanks and Happy New Year
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    The only input I have is that I have an AWW 16" radial fat spoke front wheel (for tubeless) sitting in my garage awaiting mounting on the scoot.

    Not tried it in other words, but I must say finish looks great, and the tubeless sealing looks solid. I have not been in contact with their customer support...
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    To tubeless I have a 98 FXSTS I bought a 60 spoke F/W from Affordable cycles
    in Fla. and I have had no problems so far -Now waiting for my pulley to come in so
    I can finish the rear His wheels were a lot cheaper than A/W & others that I compared
    them to. Not cheap wheels either good chrome & stainless spokes & actually the front
    lined up better than the factory wheel [go figure] Hope this opinion helps your decision
    I am only one rider and I got the TUBLESS by [accident I guess it was meant to be]
    Everyone around here was stunned they made a tubless spoked wheel [inc. me]
    For your info & application call nick @--954-461-7350-& tell him Harley Marley from
    East Texas sent him your way ENJOY THE RIDE!!!
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    I'd choose tubeless anytime over tubed...

    I've been using after market tubeless spoked wheels for the past 15 years with over 100,000 miles on some of them, road bikes and dirt bikes. I'd never go back to a tubed spoke wheel. With a tubeless you can easily fix them on the side of the road or out in the bush without having to take your wheel off to replace a tube. If punctured tubeless will also leak air slowly, unlike a tubed tyre that will flatten almost instantly.

    I've even experienced having a 10mm dyna-bolt puncture my 250 rear tyre and easily fixed it in no time to get me back on the road and home till I was able to do a proper repair job (an internal mushroom patch), although the repair job on the side of the road did require 6 ropes to seal it enough to get me back home...and that tyre is still installed on one of my bikes'll need replacing soon though as there's now almost no tread left since doing a further 6,000 miles on it since the repair job. Note: I do get 13,000 - 15,000 miles out of my Avon Venom 250 rear, unlike my Avon Cobra 300 which only last me 6,000 miles.

    Most punctures such as nails or small screws I've never had a problem with using a basic tubeless repair kit such as ropes, but now I use plugs (small mushrooms type) and it's all that's been required for the remaining life of the tyre.

    It doesn't matter what brand of spoked tubeless wheel you use or even if it's a DIY job you've done yourself as I've done for many long as the internal silicone bead (spoke sealing layer) is done correctly you'll never have a problem. Most of the OEM's such as Ride Wright, American Wire and DNA have it down pat now-days...even Harley is now offering a tubeless rim for their 1012 models!

    HOWEVER, A WORD OF WARNING...always ensure you clean your wheels with a non-solvent product and NEVER-EVER let brake fluid leak onto your wheels around the spoke recesses. If this happens you're guaranteed to have problems with air leaking through the spokes as the chemicals will attack the internal silicone bead via the gaps and therefore your spokes will eventually leak air. Eventually you'll require the wheel to be me as I've learnt this the hard way.

    Tubed tyres - burn them and never look back!

    All the hipe about tubeless spoked wheels is (EDIT) and in most cases it's the owners fault they leak, i.e. damaging the internal seal during tyre installation, solvents used to clean wheels and or brake fluids spilt on the wheels, loose spokes or heavy landings from jumps on a motor cross bike.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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