trying to customize my fatboy lo the cheapest way i can

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by KDLmaster, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. KDLmaster

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    For my next custom idea, I am trying to change wheels from the stock (almost solid) wheels to spokes. i am trying to purchase other stock spoke wheels that will fit my bike without having to change the bearings (preferably the blacked out wheels n spokes from a crossbones or is there any other model wheel that i'm unaware of) i'm wondering if the bearings will be the same or if I could get them anyway and the bearing change isn't that big a deal or if it'll be cheap to do?????

    i hope this makes sense, & thanks to all that reply :hii
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    Welcome to the forum KDL. There are several articles in the self help area that may help you with your quest for wheels. You can also go to a site such as J&P Cycles and search for axles. This will show you what years and models use the same axle. Same axle = same bearings.Then it's just a matter of getting the correct spacers to fit your bike. Notice that there are 3/4", 1" and 25mm axles. 1" & 25mm are very close, but not close enough to interchange.
    In my opinion, the 2 main things that define a Fatboy are the solid wheels and short shotgun exhaust. Changing either makes the bike look like a Heritage (not a bad thing).
  3. Dr.Evil

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    Wondering why the wheel change? Is it the Oaklahoma wind pushing the bike around, or the look?
    And a welcome to the Forum. :small3d026:
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    You should check out the last couple issues of American Iron Magazine, They are having a contest for whoever can do a bike in a custom fashion for under 9 thousand including cost of bike. Amazing what some of these guys/gals have done. I will say this a stock bike with a killer paint job is always nice.
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    I really dig the FB wheels, but I hear that they are like sails in the wind. Living in the worlds captital for wind-surfing it just seemed like I would get tired of fighting it. In a year or two I will be replacing my wheels on the FLSTC, its a corrossion issue that I will eventually lose. Looking at Ronnies HD list I beleive the stock wheels are the least expensive at around $400 a pop. If I could afford them though I would go with chrome solid disks front and back and just fight the wind when I have to... disks on a fat bike are the coolest! Next best choice in my opinion would be Fat Daddy's or similar. Fat spokes are pretty cool too. Very American Graffitti ish...
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    oklahoma winds are the pits. on a beautiful (for oklahoma) day you still get 10 m.p.h. winds and fighting the almost solid wheels are already old. Since i feel like i have to change wheels i'm going for an old school, kinda rat roddy look. i also like what harley has done with the Dark Custom line, the crossbones wheels and the sporty wheels look the best in my opinion and i was wondering if i could get similar wheels to just bolt on.

    There are a couple good ideas that i will try out, and i have plenty of time to look since we are snow'd in.

    Thanks for having me on this site i am proud to be here
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    I put Thunderstars on mine and they're nothing like the origianl parachutes. Beach bars with hidden wiring was a nice addition too.
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    I put thunderstars on as well. The bearing change really isn't that difficult. You can use a press or a bearing seat set with a ball pein hammer, either way is sufficient. Yes those solid wheels are a sail, in a good cross wind. Even with the front spoiler I run made my front end come right off the ground that is a little hairy when not expecting it. Take care welcome, and enjoy.