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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by bignew, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Previously I was not a big fan of spoked wheels. I just purchased an 07 Street Glide with chromed spoked rims. I have considered getting chrome rims but I did not want to spend a fortune on them either but I don't want junk either. From the few places that I have looked Harley has decent prices but not the selection.

    The options I have considered so far are:
    Live w/the spoked rims they don't look bad and the tires are in great shape.
    shop around at swap meets to try and find a decent used set
    Replace just the front
    Bite the bullet and buy both and don't tell the wife :D
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    Bignew you can't go wrong with any of the major suppliers, PM, Renegade, RC etc., but like you say it will cost you. I just picked up a nice set from one of the members on the forum, HD wheels that cleaned up real nice. If you keep looking you will find someone who doesn't want to get rich off a set of wheels. If you bite the bullet sooner or later she will know!! Do like I do and take her to the get out of jail free store, than buy the wheels.

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    Probably should have a poll...all the choices are good 'cept the last one which could be "--hazardous to your health..." (you don't need the Surgeon General to tell you that either)!:bigsmiley20:
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    Don't recommend not telling the wife, although I am expected to make a complete recovery.
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    I always ask the Redhead her advice, do I always follow it ER AH yep:newsmile100: