Trike Fender Guards

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by zoood, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Since Iv'e been building my trike. I've been coming up with some ideas. That would benefit my build and others that feel the need as well.

    I'm presently working on new fender guards for my trike. What I have below is what I made for my saddle bag lids. Their made of .040 aluminum. That you can "tweek to fit" if needed. Their bonded with a vinyl that has the same grain as the stock motorcycle seat. I edged them with a neoprene rubber "U" channel. Their attached with Velcro. The rubber "U" channel edging doesnt touch the painted surface. Does come extremely close. Allowing for no moisture to get trapped. They can be removed and reattached. I plan on making them different lengths. As fender guards or for a shield against poor dismounts. The plain look or studded or even jeweled will be available in the near future.