Trans & Primary Oil... I did it !!! Just sharing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by israguard, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. israguard

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    Good morning,
    You will be proud of me.. I think. First changing the oil was a big achievement for me. I'm one of those who has dealer pick up bike from home.. serviced and brought back. You don't want to know what my bills looks like lol. No wonder the Dealer loves me.

    So finally I downloaded the service manual (which I learnt about from here) for a mere $10.- Bought the synthetic oil & the necessary gasket for the derby cover. My gosh... its barely a 15 minute job and I was done.

    Truth be told... I did strip one of the screws on the derby cover & had a very mechanically inclined Friend fix that problem for me. But once that was done... piece of cake. I was in no rush so I let the oil drip for hours.. and came back to plug things up.

    The oil out of my primary was black and there were some metal shavings on the drain plug. The oil & plug on transmission oil were perfect.

    I was simply getting such a big bang/clank when putting into 1st... I knew I better get going on this oil change very quickly quickly.

    So thanks to all of you out here I have now learnt how to do this... and I hope I will learn to do more as time goes on.

    All the best.
  2. kemo

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    Glad to hear that you had a learning experience day and saved yourself some bucks. Keep up the maintenance and be proud of your accomplishments
  3. JBC2565

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    Great news. Glad you did it yourself. Hopefully your primary fluid didn't have a "burnt" smell to it and was just dirty. Did you have a lift or do it on the jiffy stand?
  4. glider

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    It gives you a great feeling when you do it yourself and you also know it was done the proper way.

    Hope on the stripped derby cover you were using the #27 torx and not the #25. The #25 fits but it's sloppy and will strip out the head real easy.
  5. israguard

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    Hi JBC2565

    I did it all on the kickstand. I now know why the manual said bike should be upright when changing the transmission oil lol. There is some sort of "plate/bracket" right below transmission oil drain plug on my model.. and because bike was at an angle, oil leaked on it to other side. Nothing major... it was just a bit of oil. But its cleaned up now.

    I am now shopping around for a nice motorcycle chock that i dont need to bolt into my garage floor. Ive seen quite a few nice/sturdy ones, all made in USA for around $200 a piece. I guess another drive to the border lol. In Canada all I can find are the chinese made ones and they do nothing for me. It will be helpful for future oil changes and storage in winter.

    If anyone has any suggestions... i'd love to know about them.

    Thanks again.
  6. Hoople

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    It is tempting but I no longer fill the engine dip stick to the full mark. If you do, the air filter will start collecting engine oil. Mine did. I leave it 1/4" below the full line when HOT. May be a Dyna thing. (?)

    What is the mileage on your bike.
  7. dbmg

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    Good for you doing your service. Just think of the $$$ you have saved to get more BLING..... You will have great satisfaction as you continue to do the services.
    Here is a idea. Click on link:Motorcycle Front Stand Wheel Chock
  8. btsom

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    Did you do the clutch adjustment while inside the derby cover?
  9. Eagle Rider

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    The stands are nice, but I like the jacks. Not only change the fluids, but great for washing the bikes and especially the Wheels. :p
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Another great Testimony from the Self Help section, Good Job:s