Trailering (again)

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by gratefulEd, Mar 5, 2011.

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    thinking about a trailer again - saw an Aluma mc10 on the internet that sounded pretty good, but too expensive, especially for an open trailer. If anyone likes their reasonably priced trailer, let me know. Looking to tow my fatbob (700lbs or so) with my tacoma. Thanks.
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    Look at a Kendon bike trailer the single model wiil hold over 1000lbs check Ebay or craigs list for a used one. New is around $2000 but used should be about less.
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    We had a 7x12 enclosed "HaulMark" with a ramp door and a side entry door. perfect for one large bike. we loved that trailer, don't know why I sold it. we bought it used for $700. towed that thing all over the country never had any problems. Have you looked at used? also one on our friends went to the Tractor Supply and bought one of their standard trailers with a ramp door and towed that thing to Alaska and back with his Ultra and a small freezer (for his fish he was going to catch). don't remember how much he paid, but it was not a great amount. $1800 or so. anyway good luck hunting.
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    There is a big difference between a ground up designed motorcycle trailer and a Utility trailer. A plain exposed 5X10 Utility trailers can be had cheap.

    I looked and looked for a designed motorcycle trailer but what I found to be the bottom line was if you buy Brand NEW, your going to have to spend at least $1800 when all is said and done. You can find New at cheaper prices but the trailer will leave a lot to be desired.

    The Used market is a totally different story. It's possible to find a good used one at a great price.
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    If you ever intend on hitting the interstate with the trailer, try and get one with car size tires on it. Smaller tires don't have as much sidewall strength, and they are spinning many times faster, causing more heat in the bearings. Some sort of suspension is also desireable. I have a solid axle trailer, and it's a bit jerky on the highway.:(
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    I have a homemade trailer that is rated for a ton and has 21" trailer shocks with 6 ply trailer tires 15". Rides better than my Expedition!
    On and off raod capabilities. Sits high. Can fit two bikes or one snowmoblie comfortable.
    My first had small wheels and no suspension and one bike would tilt the trailer. No good.
    Homemade is better and cheaper.
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    You don't say if you want an open or enclosed trailer but my first trailer was a Harbor Freight kit. I paid around $425 for it. I ended up selling it as I hadn't paid attention and it didn't have a ramp. I got tired of using the aluminum ramps and then strapping them to the trailer. But it towed great. Never had a problem with. I did buy bigger wheels and tires for it.

    I'm now looking for a Kendon foldup.
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    I have a Wells Cargo TC581-V & absolutely Luv it!
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    I've bought, used, then resold 6 Kendas in the last 3 years. I'm looking for another right now. Great trailers, but I hate losing garage space, so after I use it for a trip, I sell it, Have actually made $$$ on each one. Some people sell 'em way cheap.