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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Classx, Oct 4, 2011.

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    When reading another thread on here where a guy was wanting advice on buying an Ultra Glide, he mentioned the bike had a trailer hitch. Several members jumped on that and told him to avoid the bike as the trailer hitch is an indicator of possible excessive loads on the engine and transmission.

    I bought a great used Ultra because it had a trailer. From what I have seen of many riders, the load of some riders and passengers exceed the weight my wife, the trailer (loaded), and me would put on my bike. By the avoidance logic it would seem you should ask how much the rider and passenger weigh before buying a bike.

    Was I reading the responses wrong?
  2. DanDolfn

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    Logically, you are correct.

    Sadly, that probably means you shouldn't buy MY bike.

  3. Cyclops

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    Excellent point!!!
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    Way back when I had an FLT and had a hitch put on, towed a trailer from Pittsburgh to Ft. Meyers and really didn't notice it back there. The bike had no problems pulling the long hills coming and going. I really don't think that anyone would be hot-roddin a bike with a trailer attached, so I wouldn't concern myself with excessive wear issues unless these newer bikes just aren't what they should be...........
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    The only real wear issue by pulling a trailer is the clutch and the brakes. That being said, most peope that pull a trailer are long haul riders, many miles between using clutch and brakes. I'd check the bike over but wouldn't let the trailer hitch in its self be the deciding factor. If I were in the market for a used bike I'd rather have one that had road miles on it rather than one that had been used as a bar hopper.