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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by olddude, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Just got back from a 3 day camping trip in the mountains, near idyllwild, Ca. I have a 2004 electra glide ultra classic, with very few mods, true duals, screaming eagle mufflers (pre 06), pcIII and air cleaner, I was realy disappointed in the power, I was pulling a cycle mate trailer. My question is for those that do pull a trailer, what mods have you made. This is my first Harley in 46 years of riding.
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    I haven't found power to be an issue since I'm never in a hurry anyway! :D That being said, I'm running a 110. My only issue is keeping the engine from frying on me and throwing oil all over the place. My wife has a 2005 Ultra and pulls a Bushtec without any problems, she has the SE Air and exhaust with download. She hasn't mentioned anything about no power.
    Ugly John
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    Before I totaled it, I had a 2001 Ultra, Stage 1 Big Bore Kit, PC III, and RB Racing pipe. I pulled a Bushtec and never had any problems. You just have to remember that you have an extra couple of hundred pounds behind you. Takes a little more torque to pull it up hills. Any trailer will slow you down somewhat, you just need to adjust your driving style, which I'm sure you just discovered.
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    I have a 08 Road Glide and pull a home made trailer. What works for me it to keep it in the 2500 rpm range when riding. In the mountains you may have to drop into 4th or even 3rd to acheive this but it keeps you around the middle of your power band. Plus the motor will help with slowing everything down.