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  1. walleye

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    Well, It finally happened to me. Some creep (I use this term because Glider would ban me for life if I used what I want to) stole my MC trailer this weekend. I kept it for the past year in a locked fenced yard at work. They cut the lock and helped themselfs. 2 yrs old, It was only used twice and was like new. Enclosed tandem axel electric brakes two MC set up. If I would have caught these jerks they would be in the river right now. I had some other stuff in it for storage. I hope they wreck and burn and die while they roll on down the road. There now I feel better, But not as good if my wish comes true. If I get the chance I will see that it does. I HATE thiefs.
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  3. joel

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    I understand the way you feel, We had some problems a few years back on our block, I would stay up late to watch for any of the peskie thiefs, I had the whole thing planed out, if I could catch one I was going to string them up on the light pole about 5 feet up and leave a note pin'd in thier chest. THIEF. Than after a little hang time I would call the cops. I watched for about a week and than I was finally able to let it go. I hope you trailer finds it's way home, maybe with a few extras as you know they have made a few changes to it by now
  4. Randall K. Wilson

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    Walleye, sorry to hear about ya getting ripped off. As a lad growing up in downtown Indianapolis, I could not keep a bicycle. Had three stolen over a 5 year period.

    A gent told me about a man who had a new Honda motorcycle stolen and this man got it back 13 years later. It seems cops caught some teenagers riding his guys Honda without plates on a back country road. Ran the serial numbers and the cycle came back HOT. Ironically 13 years later the cycle only had an additional 75 miles on the odometer. Amazing story.
  5. captkirkis

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    Sorry to hear about your trailer.... I know your frustration, I had a 1969 Chevy C-10 pickup someone tried to steal from my driveway....A neighbor of mine saw them from half way down the street and scared them off.... Now I have a Lab, German Shepard, and a few Smith & Wesson's waiting for em....
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    Man I hate to hear that. When I lived in Birmingham, Al. I had two Ford trucks taken from me in a 10 year period. Good Lord willing it will make its way back home.
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    I HATE that! I've never had anything as big as a tailer stolen but I have had several car stereo's stolen and someone broke into my pole barn and took a stereo and chainsaw. The scary part was the bike was in the barn at the time. They were just looking for things they could carry... I still have my eye out for an alarm system that includes a siern that will make ears bleed...
  8. jaceddie

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    Yes, I hate thieves too. My friend had a log skidder stolen on Christmas day a couple of years ago. It's a huge machine that had to be put on a low boy trailer and would be a extra wide load on the highway. Since it was Christmas day, all the weigh stations were closed and I guess all the cops were home. It's never been found. I hope they find your trailer. By the way, are you around Ohio? If so, I'll keep an eye out for one for sale.
  9. Iceman24

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    Definitely hate people who think they can get through life by helping themselves to other people's property. I feel for you, man & hope they get caught.

    Had my snowmobile stolen while parked at a buddy's house & it took 3-months to catch the thief(s). Ended up being a pack of "punk" kids stealing things & selling them to their buddies for drugs & booze. At least they were caught, but my snowmobile looked like something from a "Mad Max" movie b/c they tore it up & painted everything black w/spray cans. Guess I wasn't out 100% & got to spend some $$$ & time rebuilding.

    Good luck & keep your hopes up...
  10. bikemikewcr

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. When I was roadracing this type of thing unfortunatly happend quite a bit and still does. I had a friend who had his trailer and 4 bikes, gear and spare parts inside get stolen. He lost just under $100,000.00 and they never found the theifs. I hope you get it back and soon.