Traded Up.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 03fxsti, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. 03fxsti

    03fxsti Active Member

    In September I traded up. I traded in my 03 Softail for a 2010 Ultra Classic.

    I know, no pictures, it didn't happen. Attached are the old and new pics.

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  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Oh man - you have a shiny, new, Ultra AND you live in San Diego? I'm so jealous!!!
  3. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    What a wonderful choice. Congrats on the new steed and may you make many miles of memories upon it.:s
  4. 202tango

    202tango Member

    Very nice, I know you are going to enjoy it!
  5. SeaRider04

    SeaRider04 Active Member

    Very nice, I'm torn between keeping or trading my Heritage for an Ultra since last year. Every time I see a thread like this, I said to myself, I'll trade it in but then "I'll miss it dearly" though pops up and here I am, still not so sure if I wanna trade it or keep it.
  6. TripleJ

    TripleJ Senior Member

    Go and rent one for a weekend. I think you will see the light :D Traded my 08 Heritage just as I finished getting it the way I wanted it. 3 Weeks and 1500 miles later on my new RGU and not missing the Heritage yet :s
  7. geezer

    geezer Senior Member Contributor

    Those are both nice looking rides. Be nice to have them both. :D
  8. 03fxsti

    03fxsti Active Member

    I would have loved to have both, a lot of work went into the 03, but financially I couldn't pull it off. It was an either or situation.

    I really can't believe how nice the Geezer Glide is. Now that I am used to its girth, it is a lot more fun to ride than the softail, if for no other reason than all of the creature comforts.

    If you are thinking about an Ultra, but, are not sure, DO NOT TAKE A TEST RIDE! The first test ride blew me away. I thought the Ultra was going to be a big lumbering beast that could not get out of it's own way. The first test ride put that idea to rest. Then I caught the bug. Now you can see the result. Those "test rides" are nothing but an infection in your brain, an unfair sales gimmick.

    Oh, by the way, even with all of the good times I had riding and working on the softail, I don't miss long distance riding on her. Every time I get on the interstate, turn on the tunes, engage the cruise control, and adjust the vents, I appreciate how blessed I am to be able to enjoy the bike, the road, and the journey.
  9. HarryB737

    HarryB737 Junior Member

    Congratulations... Beautiful bikes both. Allow yourself some good adjustment time for the different feel of the new one..
  10. SeaRider04

    SeaRider04 Active Member

    I did a demo ride twice on the Ultra and yes, it's a dream machine, handling is much better than I though it would, if not for the reason of "unstable economy", I am already has an Ultra and Heritage.