traded in my 883 on a Buell

Discussion in 'Buell' started by Baggh, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    Funny how these things work out sometimes. On my '06 XL883 I recently got the rims powder coated, new grips\pegs, put awesome looking pinstripes on it just yesterday morning... yesterday afternoon I went to the Harley shop to pick up oil\oil filter and BAM...

    I ended leaving with an '08 Buell XB12S... 5 miles on it. Bought brand new off the floor. My goodness I love it! High end engineering and very unique looks... beautiful bike and the power... unreal.

    I have chimed in many times on these forums mostly in support of the 883 and its power... sometimes not. It's a personal thing if a bike is right for you... the feel of it... the power. I LOVED my 883 and what I did to it (mods after mods\etc)... it looked awesome BUT... there was a nagging constantly at the back of my head that after all the mods and such the bike was still an 883... and I wanted more!

    So I went to Harley to get a filter.. and maybe see whats up with the Nightsers. I thought I wanted a Nightser until I looked it over and allllllllllll the mods I would have to redo to get it where mine was... ehhh... almost made me sick. So I decided to go UBER power and unique... and I love it.

    I'll miss my 883 though. Great bike.
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    Post some pics of the new bike. Sounds like the harley bug has bitten you good!:D

    What happens when you go for a filter for the Buell?

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    He will enter the Harley swinging doors with hands over both eyes and rely on his previous experience going straight to the parts counter...then back away holding his parts...v-v-e-e-r-r-y-y slowly following the same footsteps he came in and not get distracted by the pretty gal showing the B-I-K-E-S :gh too late, he is a goner. :lolrolling
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    ahaha... it's easy to say this now but I'm staying clear of the Harley shop for a loooooong time. At least until the dust settles from this purchase... in about a week or 2.. heh. Love this thing... everytime I got downstairs for a smoke break I just stand there and gander at it. Smiling from ear to ear like.. "Yep... thats mine!" :)
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    Shoulda put yer 883 up for sale on this site first and seen if there was any takers...