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  1. tlg1100

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    Can anyone tell me if top fuel harley drag bikes use chain or belt to power back wheel.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Belt primary, chain final drive, the chain links and pins can absorb the torque:s
  3. chain, heres a close up of the rear sprocket on jay turners bike

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    Thanks for reply,just had someone tell me that all of them were using belts going to rear wheel nowadays,I have been out of that stuff for years and I knew I could find out on here.
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    Like someone said above, top fuel do and probably
    anything above stock. Also dirt trackers, MX and road
    racers. Makes it easier for front and rear sprocket changes
  6. i know what it takes to change a rear or front sprocket on a vrod chain conversion. and changing the sprockets on a top fuel won't be much different. you'll have the same parts and a few more on top fuel than on vrod bikes. i don't know of ANY belt that would handle 850hp a top fuel throws out.

    most TF bikes are 2 speeds and has a jack shaft. so it may be easier to change gear on a TF. i never done it on a TF bike.