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    Ive read many posts on this site in reguards to which tools to buy.Being in the automotive field for the last 20 years Ive purchased many Snap On tools and with the price you pay for them its only natural to defend them as being the best.
    Heres an article I came across that may have me heading to Sears the next time I need a socket set.Just thought anyone looking to pay that extra buck off the Snap On truck may find this interesting.

    Snap-On vs. Craftsman: Snap-On vs. Craftsman: The Great Debate. |
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  2. Bait

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    I must agree with the originator of the article, Snap-on does NOT honor a life-time warranty. Last year the plastic handles on my set of 30+ year old Snap-on screwdrivers deteriorated: cracked and split. I took them to a Snap-on salesman to be replaced. He told me the blades were guaranteed; the handles were not. I e-mailed and called his supervisor with no response. I did only buy Snap-on and Craftsman handtools; I now only buy Craftsman. I have never had any issues with Craftsman's warranty or their quality.
  3. glider

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    That's a pretty poor excuse from the snap on guy for a tool that costs as much as they do. The TOOL should be guaranteed not just the blade. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me.

    Another reason why I like craftsman tools, no questions asked, "here the new one."
  4. wildey

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    That blade would of broke right after leaving along with all the others too
  5. cappy23

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    my snapon box is filled with craftsman tools lol
  6. SixPak

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    I'll stick to my Crafstman Tools as well. Thier warranty is the best. And besides... it gives me a reason to go to Sears and spend some time in the tool section while the while go everywhere else in the store. :D
  7. kemo

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    I stopped buying premium priced tools a long time ago. I can't understand how a 3/8 drive flex ratchet can cost over a $100 bucks off the truck and some other brand might be $30 with the same warranty. I don't have to wait for the truck to come either. 40 years ago I bought a 3/8 flex ratchet from Champion spark plug for $10. bucks. The mechanism has never slipped and has not ever been replaced. Best ratchet I have ever had.
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    Not for all the tools but I have bought many of the oversized wrenches and cresent wrenches from of all places Harbor Freight. They get abused bad and they have yet to fail. The allen sets they sell are trash, but everything else has been a real good deal.
  9. ron1978

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    i work as a industrial mechanic on electric motors, i have worn out many craftsman tools and they have always give me new in replace to the old broke stuff, craftsman is the way to go for price and quality.
  10. Chopper

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    I guess Snap-On dealers are like Harley Dealers, find a new one, if I took the screwdriver to my dealer and there was a exclusion on the handles he would just put it in a vise, hit it with a hammer and throw it in his return bin and give me a new one. When I was wrenching I liked snap-on because they came by the shop once a week and I could trade in my bad tools, I did not want to take time to go to sears, wait in line and then be told to come back in two weeks because they were not in stock. Most of my scockets are craftsman, they are very good tools but torque wrenches and some tools like a hand impact driver, the snap-on will do things the craftsman will not, when my living depends on it, I buy the best I can, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. But nothing wrong with craftsman, half my box is full of them.