Too cold for ya?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by horizonchaser, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. horizonchaser

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    I have a riding buddy up here in Massachusetts who is still riding his bike in December! Yesterday he rode it in to work when it was 18 degrees! Eighteen degrees! I have to point out that he doesn't live two miles from work, he travels a full 35 miles on the back roads and the highway. Can you say "wind chill"? :p He does have the Gerbings heated gloves and inner soles but that's it. He did get the heated pants in the mail yesterday so I guess he's good to go down to the single numbers! :s Out of the dozen or so bikes that were parked in our parking lot at work i the summer only his sits out there alone on these bitterly cold days. All I can say is I feel like a wimp because my ride is all jacked up in the garage with the battery tender plugged in and a cover over it. I should point out that I don't notice any other bikes out there on the roads during this freezing weather so I know he is most certifiably insane!! :D Do any of you ride in the really cold weather and more importantly, do you enjoy it? Just wondering.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I did ride in Minnesota winters, in 88 and 92 I rode new bikes home in February, In my drinking days I would ride on Sundays to the local watering hole to watch football, must have been nuts LOL, Tho Smitty has been known to ride in the winter:s
  3. marcus22

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    I live in minnesota and its not the cold that keeps me from riding all year round. its the snow, ice, and even worse the salt. I hate rust.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Black Ice is the worst you never see it til your on it
  5. bikernick

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    Sometimes I feel like I'm right up there with your buddy. I live in Virginia and find that I am the lone guy riding into work when it dips into the 20s in the early mornings. I also ride with the heated gloves.

    What keeps me riding??? I just enjoy the country roads much more on two wheels.
  6. futurerider

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    I ride for the fun of it, the fun stops when I start shaking more than the motor :small3d031:, seems to be around 40 degrees F. That happened Thanksgiving weekend. It is now suddenly in the high 20-low30's. I'll take the car with the heated seats and defroster for now.

    My neighbor rides a Victory and I have heard him @ 4:00 AM, 18 degrees out :small3d014:. Extreamly nuts IMO, but he has fun.
  7. horizonchaser

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    I believe that is where my friend is coming from. He likes the back roads too and he will eventually have all of the clothing to ride even in the coldest weather baring snow, ice & sand naturally.
  8. fin_676

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    A long time ago when i was a wee bit younger my only transport was my motorcycle so i rode in all kinds of weather
    i remember having to follow a slot in the snow made by a lorry for 50 miles that was hard work
    i have been off on ice and ploughed into a snow drift with a new expensive motorcycle so ended up with a second bike for the winter roads
    now i have a car with a heater and 4 wheels and i use it for everything when it gets cold
    it is about 6 years since i last had a motorcycle on snow it is something that i have experienced many time so i dont really need to do it again :)

  9. doug rooney

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    Nah man, I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Maybe it's my age?? Used to ride ANYTIME I could get a bike started but no more. I use the cold Wi winters for working on my stuff. How wimpy?? Below 50* and it ain't fun for me. What is a Lorry Brian? You Scots gotta speak english or am I outta the loop??LOL!
  10. Glider-Rider

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    I've been riding year round when it gets to 40 or above. This year I got Gerbing gloves and thinsulate lined jeans. Good to around 35. I am getting the Gerbing jacket liner and hope to ride down to the 20's. It's just too long until spring.