TomTom Rider2 GPS charging?

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by cdn-bigfoot, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I have a TomTom Rider2 bike GPS. It came with the bike mount kit that includes a "hot shoe" mount that powers the GPS unit. I have wired it to a 12v accessory connector on my bike. I have used this set-up before with good charging and power to the unit. This year the GPS shows it is not being charged or powered by the hot shoe. The ground and positive meter out good from the connection to the plug that goes into the hot shoe. I have 12+v at the plug. Problem is the hot shoe is not charging the GPS unit. I've metered the 4 pushpin type connection points and they are showing minimal voltage.

    Can someone with one of these units please meter the 4 pin connectors and tell me what they get to ground with their bike turned on?

    I get the right 2 pins as being ground and no voltage or continuity to ground with the second pin from the left. The left end pin gives me 0.69 volts metered to ground. This doesn't seem right.
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    I cant help other than to say i have heard of the hot shoes going bad and breaking wires inside on the tom toms
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    Make sure the plug on the bottom of the hot shoe is in correctly it can be put in backwards , I know because I did it . Looking at the hot shoe from right to left the you have the very right pin as a ground the 2nd from right is a ground the 3rd from right is dead and the very left pin is positive and should show 4.92 volts .
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    Thanks for this!:worthy

    Mine all seem good except the VERY low voltage at my left side pin.:newsmile040: