Today's 3 Projects - Floorboard Extenders, Aileron Grips, and Headlight Trim Ring

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Dr. Dolittle, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Dr. Dolittle

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    Bought the floorboard extenders from HarleyGoodies and new grips and headlight trim ring for 25% off at the dealer last weekend. Figured today would be a good day to get them all on the bike.

    Everyone is probably pretty familiar by now with my ineptitude with tools. A job that takes someone else an hour will typically take me 2 or 3. I just don't have a lot of experience or confidence so I have to take things real slow and often redo things to correct errors.

    Well, believe it or not, I got all 3 projects done in 3 hours this morning! The new Aileron grips were a lot easier than I expected. I guess I was psyched out by the whole throttle-by-wire thing and expected it to be a total tangle of wires inside the grip. Folks, it was a snap. If you've been putting off new grips because of similar fears as mine, just get them and go for it!

    The floorboard extenders took the longest. Had to get at a lot of very tight bolts in hard to reach places. One bolt on the jiffy stand side was very stubborn about getting through and engaging the threads and took me over 30 minutes all by itself. Instructions were great and the product appeared to be very high quality.

    I'll be going for a ride tomorrow or Saturday and let everyone know what I think about the grips and floorboard extenders.

    The new headlight trim ring was simply an appearance upgrade and went on in about 15 minutes. If anyone's interested, here's the before and after photos:

    Before -


    After -

  2. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    Looking good Doc.I never did do the toure pack.We bought the wife a bagger so, no need.Now Im saving my pennies for some wheels.
  3. WHM1

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    I really want to know about the floorboards extenders.... On a long ride I need as many different feet positions as I can get. Most of the time my heals are on the front of my floorboards and the front of my boots are on the road pegs. I shift around a lot but both feet on the floorboards as they are is the most uncomfortable position I have.
  4. T-Bone

    T-Bone Member

    Good luck with the grips. I had a pair on mine for a while until the outside cover on the throttle side slide off. The glue that holds it to the inside part held for about 10k and then just gave up. Could have something to do with the heat here in West Texas, who knows.:(

    Dealer said sorry charlie they are over thirth days old and no takey back.

    Your right about one thing, they are easy to change.:)
  5. glider

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    I see you went for the Aileron grips Doc, I had them on a few bikes an like them a lot. Very comfortable grips and the trim ring should be on there from the factory too. Looks like it belongs there, I had it on mine too.
  6. Bud White

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    looks good Doc i really like the trim ring
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Yep, I was still thinking about whether I needed something strictly for looks. The dealer had all his bikes parked outside that day and I saw 2 Ultra Classics sitting side by side, one with the stock trim ring and the other with the newer one. Unbelieveable how much of a difference something this small can make. I feel the same way about the hinges on the tour paks - stock ones look ridiculous after you put on the premium, chrome version.

    Thanks to you and Lancer for the strong endorsement on the Aileron Grips.

    Hopefully you can check this thread tomorrow afternoon and I'll give you my feedback.
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  8. shield

    shield Member

    That trim ring looks great.
  9. Lancer

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    Looks good Doc, waiting to hear about the floor board extensions. The headlight trim does look really good. I see that accessory coming in my future. See ya.

  10. Crazyfrog

    Crazyfrog Active Member

    That trim ring has been on my list, but after seeing the before and after shot, it's now on the short "go to the dealer and pick it up" list.

    Looks good!