To power or not to power

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Muddy Boots, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Muddy Boots

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    My ultra limited owner's manual states I should not use the cigarette lighter to power electronic devices (GPS, sat radio, etc), but I have met a number or folks who do it and have had no problems. So....what cha think, power or not to power? Thanks
  2. Hoople

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    Not 100% sure on this but my guess would be that a cigarette lighter source would have a pretty large fuse wired to it (greater than 10 amps). That almost would be like having no fuse at all for a low current device such as a GPS or Radar detector.

    I also heard that a cigarette lighter adapter is not the EXACT same size as a Parts/accessory adapter. But once again, I have never actually measured them.

    I am sure lots of people just plug it in but I myself would match the current rating of the device with the socket.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Why not use your aux. plug under the seat? That way you have a switch on the dash to turn it off if required.

  4. VMGR252Nav

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    The cigarette lighter adapters are typically made for in your car and do not have the rubber boot necessary to keep rain from getting in and causing problems. Probably OK for occasional use on nice days but I agree with Hoople and TQuentin1...hardwire to Aux port under seat and make sure it is on the appropriate current rating for the device...easier to keep all the excess wire inside the fairing as well...
  5. Breeze3at

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    I have had my GPS plugged into the lighter outlet on my EG for over a year with no problem. The fuse is a 15A. The only reason I don't use the acc. port under the seat is because I also use the GPS in the truck, and it's just so easy to have the cord bundled up at the handlebar for quick removal. I have a lighter outlet and an acc. outlet side by side in my truck. The lighter won't work in the acc ( larger dia.), but acc. plugs will work in the lighter outlet .
  6. Subby

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    I have my GPS and satellite radio both plugged into the Cig lighter on the bike (using a 2 plug adapter). They've been that way for almost 3 years! The only "problem" I've had is sometimes, when I hit a particularly large bump, the power to the GPS cuts off momentarily. That's it.
  7. deucedog

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    Check the fuse rating on your GPS, My Nuvi is 2Amps. Yours is probably pretty much the same +/- a couple of amps. So, if you had a short and it was plugged into a 15A circuit, guess what will happen.

    I don't have an accessory switch on my bike, but I bought the HD accessory harness and wired my GPS to that (with the proper fuse).
  8. Muddy Boots

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    Thanks to all, great comments. I'm not sure yet which way I will go, but I'm 100% better informed about the alternatives!
  9. kemo

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    Most 12 volt devises have an installed fuse in the male end of the power cord and I would imagine that should protect any low amp GPS or MP3 or anything else from damage. I had a friend install a gps into his 12 volt on the bike. The shop cut the cigarette lighter end off and wired it to the 12 volt, it instantly burnt out. Many of these accessories are only 3 to 6 volt. I would not have any problem using the socket for a power supply.
  10. RibEye

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    Please note that auto lighter sockets often have filter circuitry to tame the spikes and pulses in the power lines, since the sockets are most frequently used for devices these days. I do not believe this is so for HDs. That means you could have some pretty dirty power into your delicate electronic device. All might be well most of the time, but there could be some pretty significant voltage spikes on occasion, which electronic devices are not designed to tolerate.

    Just a thought.

    Rich P