Tires tracking on cracks.. question.

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by joseph.a.hart, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. joseph.a.hart

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    I have an 05 Dyna Wide Glide, have had Dunlops on it until a week ago. Switched to the Metzeler ME880. I dont know what it is about them but they dont track on the "road snakes" and cracks at all compared to my Dunlops, anyone have and explanation as to why that is?? Anyways just wanted to put a good word out there for the Metzelers, and let me add I still like Dunlops, I just found a better deal on the ME880's, I am not wanting to start the age ole depate on what tire is better, just wanted to know what makes some tires track so much better then others.
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    No real simple answer here but look at the tread on the Dunlop then look at the Metzler. With no central tread groove, you have a vastly different tracking attributes.
  3. kyhdman

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    im sure someone with more expertease than me will chime in but i noticed the same when i switched. ive been told that meetzler are a softer compound than dunlop so i figured that had something to do with it. also was told by my hd dealer dont expect to get as many miles out of them as you would dunlops because of being softer.
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    I had the same situation. Replaced the Dunlops with the Metz 880's. What a big difference! The bike no longer 'follows' the cracks, tar snakes, ridges in the road. It even lost most of the wobble when crossing a bridge with the metal deck plates that you can look down through. Also getting better mileage out of the Metz.
  5. Slowrider

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    okay, how many miles do you sacrafice with the softer compound of the Metz 880's vs the Dunlaps? Has anybody else notice the difference tracking on the metal bridge grating? This always make my wife cringe when we cross the bridges with the "X" type of steel grating.
  6. Barndog

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    Oh man, Night and day difference on the Metz vs Dunflops.
    I gladly give up some mileage on the tires just to not have the squirrelly bike on grooved pavement. I do not have a single bad thing to say about my Metzeler tires. I live in OK where the wind sweeps down the plains and the DOT grooves everything.

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    I also run Metzlers and would say that the "wandering" feeling is certainly a problem with "rain grooves"; but especially with WORN tires, whether Dunlops or whatever brand. What happens is when the tread gets low, there are less friction losses side by side to suppress the "shimmy", and though a real problem in the front, it can also affect the overall stability if the BACK tire is worn as well. Found that out on my metric sportbikes, as they are MUCH more sensitive to tire wear "balance" than cruiser style motorcycles. Check both tires for wear, and if the front is approaching the wear indicators, change it out, rather then wait for "--another couple 1000 miles left...!"
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  8. caseyleiser

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    also switched from dunlops to metzlers. first thing I noticed was better control . tar snakes are no problem now. hope I get decent mileage, have to wait and see I guess.:D:):D
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    Got Venoms on mine,tracks the cracks real well!Kinda adds something to a boring ride..........but my cornering and general handling are just fine.
  10. Adamal47

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    There are many variables to this question. Rubber compounds, tread, air pressure, air temperature, speed, moisture in the air, are the tires proberly balanced, and many others.