Tires to old?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by fin_676, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. fin_676

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    3 years ago i bought a 94 sportster still had the origional tyres on it
    it had 3703 miles on it when i got it so the tyres hadnt had a chance to wear out
    everything was well the tyres no problems but in sunlight noticed a bit of cracking on the sidewall of the front tyre so as not to take any chances i changed the tyre
    i sold that sportster in may of last year 2008 still had the origional back tyre
    sunlight and sitting on concrete seem to be the larges killers of un worn tyres

    so care and attention to their enviroment and regular inspection you could have years left on thoes tyres
    but if in doubt change them

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Tires are relatively inexpensive piece of mind - I'd replace them.

    Just apply the tried and true question - how would you honestly feel about letting your wife or children ride away on that bike on those tires? Same rule should apply to yourself.
  3. threesteps

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    You can read and hear several recommendations concerning car tires. Not so much is printed about bike tires. Concerning cars, most say 5-6 years on a tire and it should be replaced. There have been proposals in congress to mandate removing “new” tires from stock if they reach 4-5 years old before being sold (don’t know if any became law). This is due to the natural aging effects on the tires, i.e., “drying” out. A bike that is parked out in the sun everyday will age the tire quicker than one that is not.

    As mentioned earlier, if the tires are cracking, etc. then replacing them is a real good thing to do. For me, any question as to the safety of my bike’s tires has but on answer, get some new tires.
  4. dangerdan

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    Those hairline cracks between the threads and on the sidewalls are a sure sign that tires require replacement.
  5. whiterider

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    I had some original tires on a nine year old bike I purchased which looked fine. However they never seemed to wear out. The compound was so hard. When I gave up waiting for them to wear out and replaced them everything improved (the bike felt better, handled better etc). I wished I had done it sooner.
  6. rhino

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    with tires and brakes if theres any doubt replace them with new. when you consider the alternatives its well worth it.
  7. STEVE07

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    With the racecar we cheaped out and bought tires with older date stamps.The results were not pretty.On the bike I only have two tires under me and no external protection.I will change my tires as soon as I don't have a comfort level with wear or age and I will only buy them from a high volume dealer:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Tires contact patch to the ground is about the size of the palm of your hand. If it has been on the bike for 5 or more years of unknown conditions, do consider your personal safety as well as your loved ones. Get the manual, dismount the wheels/tires and carry in to your tire dealer/supplier of choice, usually they will mount and balance for free if you buy tires from them (do your Internet pricing homework).

    This is for your piece of mind and it is one of those consumable items you can control as far as $$$$, when and where by doing this preventative measure now, rather than on the road at twice the price plus loss of your valuable road time or vacation time (double that if riding two-up).