Tips for staying dry

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    I think with the storm brewing on the east coast this would be a good time for members to post some of their tips for keeping themselves and their gear dry while riding. I'll be taking a 1,200 mile trip from GA to MA tomorrow and I could sure benefit, as could many other east coast members.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Zip lock baggies in the saddle bags:D

    For my jacket and chaps I will mink oil them and hang them over night to let it soak in
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  3. bonsi57

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    A good quality rain suit that fits over my coat/pants and is comfortable. Plastic bags to be put over the boots so they slide in the pants easy.
  4. futurerider

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    Windscreen :D

    Soft lowers over the engine gaurds to keep the feet dry.

    Good rain gear, large enough to fit over the leather jacket.

    I pack all my clothes in zip lock bags before placing them in the travel bag. Souds silly, but I just road 2 hours in the rain and everything was bone dry.

    Most important - DON'T ride in the rain!!!!!
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    I do like bonsi57 but I bought the over the boot rain boot from HD. They work well and come up fairly high on the leg. Just make sure you have good visibility when riding in the rain. Goggles & glasses don't cut it for me, the visibility I find to be poor in a heavy rain. Better yet is a flip up clear windshield that acts as a visor to keep the rain off of your glasses.
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    I use the same gloves as TRVLR. There is also a squegee on the left thumb.
    Additionally, Put the hood upon your rain suit, keeps rain from running down the back of your neck. In heavy rain, you will get wet to some extent. Just be ready to deal with being damp
  8. trike lady

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    A good rain suit, make sure the gaskets seal the trunk and saddlebags, plastic bags to put inside your boots if you don't have waterproof ones. If you don't wear a full face helmet a good set of off road goggles with clear lens.

    UCWAYNE Banned

    I made a trip from South GA to Charlotte NC and back in May. It rained the 3/4 of the trip. What we did for some of the stuff that we knew that we weren't gonna need till we got there, was to pack it in a vacuum seal bag. This was 2 fold, 1) it kept stuff dry and 2) with it sucked down, it was smaller.
  10. fin_676

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    Due to seeing a lot of rain in this part of the world if on longer trips i always wear cordura jacket and trousers i wear a full face helmet and if raining lift the visor slightly to prevent misting and i always wear waterproof boots that are leather and have a waterproof breathable liner in them
    stuff that is in the saddlebags is in waterproof bags and any other stuff on the bike is in dry bags one on the rear rack and one on the rear seat
    even with all the gear riding in heavy rain is a miserable experience if its all day you will need at least double the normal distance for braking and you will need to reduce lean angles on the bends
    be wary of any metal manhole covers etc as wet cast iron has no grip at all, road markings also have no grip factor in the wet

    slow down keep a good distance from the vehicle in front take care if overtaking when there could be oncoming traffic as visibility will be greatly reduced

    take care