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    Question for folks in and around the Atlanta area.

    We will be going either thru or around Atlanta on our way to Maggie Valley in October. Leaving on a Saturday and expect to hit the city around 11:00.

    The question is: Is it better to stay on 85 (shortest route) or take the 285 bypass, (~30 more miles). We want to connect to 985 towards Flowery Branch.

    Thanks for any input!:D
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    Saturday at 11 the traffic should be fine for going right through the city. Motorcycles are allowed to use the HOV lane so you can stay to the far left in that lane and reduce the stress level a bit. 285 around the city sees a lot more truck traffic and other large vehicles, so it's not as relaxing on a bike and the road surface itself is in worse shape.

    Not sure which Saturday you're talking about - Georgia Tech has home games on the 4th and 11th of October so you might run into some game day traffic but most folks come into the city from the north for games so you'd still be ok transiting south to north.

    Hope this helps!
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    Dr. Doolittle knows Atlanta traffic, he has to drive one end to the other to get to work! I don't like either of the bypass routes. I take a big breath, get in the HOV lane and go with the flow. :newsmile040:
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    Dr Do, Breeze, Bodeen,

    Thanks for the input ya'll. We will be trailering the bike. I was thinking about football season and we won't be leaving until the 18th, so we should miss the hubbub. Its been several years since I've driven thru the city..again thanks Ya'll:D