Throwing an oil leak out there.

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    It's a 1992 XLH Sportster model883,running strong since I bought it new in 1992.

    The oil leaks only when the motor is turned off.I'm only assuming It RUNS down from the CYLINDER HEADS when the oil pump stops.The pushrod covers and o-rings prevent dirt,water and dust etc. It leaks about a half a tea spoon of oil every shut down.Like a fool I haven't checked it out thoroughly yet but the time is now,as soon as I find out why.
    From under cover retainers on "rear and front" push rod covers only,so I'm assuming the center rods covers are the upstream tubes and the outside tubes are downstream,or it could be vice versa.I don't know.Could the leak be caused by a clogged oil port under the top or bottom rods,or an oil screen,something else maybe? Can it be blown clean with high pressure air and how do you do it?I don't know what the (EDIT) could build up in that area but something has I think,or I'm getting (EDIT) by the last mechanic that had it on the lift.
    The check oil light always operates normal,it never flashs on when it's running.I checked for good oil circulation action in the oil tank.No overheating,stalling,rough idling. Easy starting,no blue smoke,not burning excessive anything actually etc. . .Been content doing the normal maintenance for 19 years and never had any other problems as slimey as this one.And I'm tired of dabbing up minute amounts of oil with a napkin,or not and going to the scrub, wash and wax binge on a weekly basis.I'd appreciate it if someone could give me some tips on what to do.

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    I am a wee bit confused by your post but i think you are saying that after running oil runs down the push rod tubes
    however there is a common issue with the lower rocker gaskets on the evo engines yours will have been fitted with a 2 part paper gasket which has a tendency to leak at some stage in its life
    there is an upgraded gasket which is 1 piece metal one
    the push rod seals can also leak and the umbrella valves can also cause problems and at 19 years old all the gaskets will have had a hard life and could be getting near the end of their time
    the expansion and contraction of the various components due to the engine heating up cooling down with different metals being used on the engine that expand and contract at different rates put stress on the gaskets and at some time they may fail
    strip the top end and replace all the gaskets

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