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    I took my bike to my local dealer 3 times for a tech to take it for a test ride because I was getting a hesitation between 60 and 70 mph. Every time the tech took it out for a ride he said that the bike had no problems. It ran fine!
    My last comment to the service person was I guess I will just have to wait till something breaks. Well this was going on for about a 1.5 years and at the beginning of the 2013 riding season I was getting a lot of hesitation at any speed and the check engine light finally came on.
    Took it to the dealer and they took it for a test ride and came back and said guess what???? You have a problem Huston!
    So if you are getting hesitation or the engine feels like it is pulling back and what I mean by that is: its kind of like passing a truck coming at you on the other side of a two lane road. Also you will not show any drop in rpm.
    The fix for the problem was a throttle position sensor assembly and a sensor, crankshaft P. It basically ran about $200 parts and labor and it did fix the problem and bike is running great. I also had the fuel filter replaced just to be on the safe side since it was never changed since I bought the bike for another $240.00. After 13 years the tech said it was not that bad but with all the crazy gas out there I felt it was time and it was in the shop anyways. Feels good riding a working bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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    Sometimes getting bike to act up at shop is the hardest thing. As you know you can not fix what is not broken..... Glad to hear its all corrected now..:)