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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lakeforktx, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Got up this am. to go for a little breakfast ride.I ALWAYS check my tires and oil before heading out.Back tire flat! Oil good HaHaHa.. Heres the question...The tire Dunlop 402 , new tire less than 1000 miles, on a Electra Glide.. Clear "NAIL HOLE" Iam 75 miles from H.D. shop.. Cast wheel, What do ya'll think about putting a "plug" in the tire? or atleast plug it to ride it up to H.D. shop? Thanks for your input.........:(
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    I plugged a rear tire and also added a can of "Puncture Seal" to get me home then to a dealer. Happened on a Sunday and couldn't get replaced til Tuesday. Tire never lost any air. I'd say go ahead and do it. Just make sure the plug seals and ride slow. I never went over 40mph. good luck.
  3. HDDon

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    A lot depends on the type of hole the nail made. If it's just a round hole and something the plug can seal or is it more of a rip? If it is a round hole I might, might trust a plug for the trip to the dealer to replace the tire. Anything else I would drop the wheel from the bike and take it to the dealer to have a new tire mounted. I would not have a plugged tire on the bike longer than it takes to get somewhere to have the tire replaced. A rear flat on the size bike you have is not something I want to experience. With just 1000 miles on the tire you might have some type of road hazzard warrenty issue. Ride safe.
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    Make sure the Dealer has a tire in stock first.. Could save some time..
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    Im with Don on this, HD does not reccomend tire repair:s
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    you'll save a bunch of cash by taking the tire off yourself to get it replaced anyway. :s
  7. ultrat

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    not the best. but to get me home i have plugged several of mine. be mindfull its in there. & get a new tire asap.......

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    If the hole is within 1/2" of sidewall area, I would say no plug, or only as a last resort (if you do not have a lot of twisties, but essentially only a few mile ride to civilization...otherwise plug, either the rubber plug or rope type while carefully removing nail (to determine entry angle), use rasp, follow up with plenty of vulcanizing cement & plug (if rope trim 1/4" and swab some more cement) inflate to proper inflation pressure and your done, once "limped" into the shop replace with a new tire, your life rides on two contact patches the size of your palms, you really do not want to risk you, your partner and gear on anything second takeaways in this game.
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    Plugging a tire on a cage is one thing. You have a back up on the other side of the vehicle, and two more on the other end.

    But your bike only has one tire at either end. NOT worth it. Even though it is the back end, if you have never had a blowout at speed on a bike, keep it that way as much as you have the power to control.

    Take the wheel off the bike, throw it in the trunk of your cage or the bed of the truck and mosy on up the highway to the dealer. Take your receipts with you. See what you can work out. If you bought hazard insurance on the tires, you are golden.

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    Having never taken the rear wheel off my bike, I would have the same hesitation.

    With a service manual, how long and how much effort is required for rear wheel removal?