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    Since I bought my first Harley a year ago whenever not riding I check this site for information. If I ever have a technical issue this site is the first one which I look too. The advice has been great and well received. I found out tonight that my bike has about 9grand in damages and I'm sure I will be on this site even more as I heal up and shop for a new bike. I felt like a relative died when they told me the amount which I'm sure the insurance company won't cover. I took the estimate sheet to another mechanic who thinks they might be hosing me on some repairs.
  2. R.Bingham

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    My heart goes out for you.:newsmile077: I hope that you are alright. I couldn't imagine if my scoot were to get damaged beyond repair especially since mine is a part of the family. I pray that things work out well for you.
  3. robermv32

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    I agree wholeheartedly with your assesment of this site. I've gained a deep respect for the moderators and the fellow members of this organization. I felt, not that I'm making any demand here, that because of the assistance they've provided me that I should give something back other than my ramblings. So, I hit the DONATE button and sent my thank you. As soon as my budget recovers from the purchase of my new 2010 Streetglide I just may do it again. Just my two cents pun intended
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    ditto for me too. Great site. Sorry about your bike and good luck with the insurance company.
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    Thanks for the donation guys. It is truly appreciated to help run the site.:s