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  1. Mavagrand

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    I frequent a couple of Goldwing sites, lurking mostly hardly ever post. One thing I have noticed, if someone speaks positively about HD...the place goes wild!! Page after page of verbal jousting between those who like HD and those who hate us, one guy was venting about his dealer and mentioned most HD dealers do better, this thread went on for pages..blah blah blah. It is really quite funny how they blather.

    Anyway, this got me to thinking about this forum. Would a simple complimentary post about a Goldwing go off the rails? Let's see.

    Some of you probably know my brother owns/rides an 08 Goldwing. I will say now it is a nice machine that he has put some MILES on. He and his wife have taken several trips out west on the bike (the last one was to N. Dakota) and have never had any problems. His bike is pearl white and, when clean is very pretty. I have no doubt he will put WAY more miles on his motor before a rebuild then I will. OK. I've said some nice things about Goldwings...this is only a test.
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    "His bike is pearl white and, when clean is very pretty. I have no doubt he will put WAY more miles on his motor before a rebuild then I will. OK. I've said some nice things about Goldwings.
    Well, after a statement like that you're probably lucky this forum has rules against flaming.:s
  3. HDDon

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    I guess we could all go bonkers with the mention of another make of motorcycle, but I think the members here are a little more informed and many have owned other brands before moving up to HD. Most of the members I have had the pleasure to meet ride HD because that is their choice and really don't have anything to prove by bashing another brand. I know a few members that ride in groups that have riders with other brands and have no problems. I can't see why we need to bash your statements about GW's we know we ride what we think is the best. JMO Don
  4. oldhippie

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    Goldwing's are nice bikes. Quiet, powerful, and reliable with a comfortable seat. If I wouldn't have bought my Ultra I'd have bought a Goldwing but only if I could have it in black (black wasn't available in 2009).

    That's the nice things to say about them.

    On the flip side, they're too quiet; have more power than I need; IMO have a minimum of 2 too many cylinders; the leg positioning is not comfortable for me; they're more expensive to purchase than my Ultra Classic (but they do have more gizmos to play with) and they eat more gas than my Harley.

    With the Hammock seat, my Harley is an all-day-no-numb-backside ride.
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    I would not bash another make of bike just because I own a Harley. I might if the person riding it warranted it. IMO, they are riders just like us and have picked which brand they want to ride.

    Did I pass the test?
  6. stubbs34

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    I think if Honda (goldwing) could make their bikes sound like a Harley out of the factory, more people would probably go for them. I have had a Goldwing and one reason for going back to HD was the sound and the darn thing had too many "covers" too remove to work on a simple repair!
  7. Slo-Ryd

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    I really don't care what anyone rides. I have plenty of friends with both Harleys and Metrics and never bash them about their choice of bike. To us, it's all about getting together and enjoying a day of riding, stories, food & beverages. I'm sure the smile and wind in their face feels the same as it does on mine:s
  8. Joyflyin

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    :) I doubt if many of the quality people here would bash the GW's, I know a few GW owners & they squash me in mileage, though these days that wouldn't be hard, :D but they RIDE their bikes. I know several HD owners who really don't ride them, (me included). But for me, my road king is the coolest bike on the planet. :D

    My HD is a toy for the most part, but one of these days, I will have the time to ride, and I am finally starting to get some pain relief from the lower back, so, I am hoping to get to put some miles on the bike again. :s

    However, I look at anyone on 2 wheels as a rider. Regardless of what they are on. I passed about 20 people on little scooters one afternoon in a torrential down pour, pocket protectors and leathers! The forecast that afternoon was for storms throughout the day, yet they were out on a group ride....I was sitting in my work truck admiring their spirit. :D
  9. masher

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    I agree. I don't care what people ride as long as they are happy and in control of whatever it is. People love to bash whatever they don't like, whether they have a valid reason or not for why they don't like it. To each his own...
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Years ago I was bashed regularly for riding low tech American iron, I blew it off then and can do it today. It is not my place to brow beat any one who rides, I will support ALL who ride and what they ride:s