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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jackie, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. jackie

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    hello all,
    I have a crazy transmission leak, let me explain.

    I have a 2006 street glide with a new 5 speed harley trans.
    I installed a wide swing arm for a 200 tire.
    So i put in a longer output shaft from baker.
    I have a king kong clutch.
    I have 126 s&s motor.

    I have a leak that is crazy, It almost emptys the transmission of oil.
    I have taken the primary off 3 times and cant find anything wrong.
    It seems to be coming out of the out put seal of the trans,
    The quad seal is mint and shaft seal mint.
    I understand that harley vents its trans threw the output shaft of the trans.
    my vent tube is fine,J rubber hose is clear.
    The baker cluch adjustment bolt is completely round, instead of the flat side found on the harley adjuster bolt.

    after a short ride and i let it sit,, it almost emptys the tranny of oil from the trans rear shaft seal.

    any ideas?
    thank you for your thoughts.
  2. HDDon

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    It's building pressure somewhere. Is it leaking out behind the inner primary and behind the trans pulley? Even though the vent hose is clear are you sure that there is no obstruction insde the trans?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My thoughts are a Nicked or SLICED seal when apart and together.... If my thinking is Clear here,,,,,,, The seal may have been cut when you slid over the splines... I cover my splines to pass over the seals to keep this from happening...

    Just my Foggy Thought!

  4. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Well if was a vent issue it would also have trouble leaking as without a vent there is no air getting in to replace the oil dripping out? When my five speed leaked like all get out the quad seal was culprit. Was embarrasing to park for 20 min and have a big puddle. especially when HD's had a bad rep already for being leakers. Prior to my baker DD6 i fixed the quad seal and no more leaks.
    Any chance that diameter of the baker shaft (yeah i know bakers are perfect) is slighty undersized and allowing oil to pass? If you fill up Trans and don't run, just let it sit, does it leak over time or is it only after running it?
  5. jackie

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    thanks for your reply people.
    transmissions do not build up pressure,,i have taken it apart 3 times,,
    the 5th gear has not changed on 5 speeds in over twenty years.
    heres what i have,,a hd 5 speed,a jims long shaft to accomidate a 200 tire with a wider swing arm, a baker off set sprocket.
    the quad seal is deffinately the problem.
    i put pressure on the vent tube and watched the flow threw the spacer.
    so what i did was put on a new quad seal and did the old school rtv red silicon trick. i even seal the splines with rtv. well guess what still leaks.
    this has become crazy.
    for the record i have been wrenching bikes for years.
  6. glider

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    They sure do as they heat up, that's why they are vented.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Try low air pressure thru the vent listen for a leak or try some dye from Napa, almost has to be the Quad seal, does it fit the shaft and case good?
  8. jackie

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    jack i did do that and yes it is a quad leak..the trans fluid is above the case seal when at its proper level.
    glider,,the trans does not build up pressure and the heat issue on trans is not a big build up,
    venting works to ways on hd transmissions,,the vent tube on top off the top trans cover (shifter drum)..and threw the main shaft of the trans wear ur clutch shaft runs threw. Again trans do not build pressure.
    There are 2 different size seals and spacers for the 5 speeds ,depending on your spacer width. the chanfer on the spacer seems to vary in depth on different spacers. what i am asking is if any one now of a fix or different ideas to seal the quad leak...thank you guys so much
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Is it possible you have the wrong main shaft? I have seen cases worn bad so the Quad seal wont seal, you can try etching and knurling the case and use a good sealer around the Quad seal, Im still thinking on this one I know how frustrating a leak can be and it almost always is something simple step back and take a breather and look at your build one more time:D
  10. HarryB737

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    You definately have pressure building up & you need to address that. The transmission is following the laws of physics & relieving itself the only way it can from around the shaft seals...