Thinking about selling my FXDC for a sporty 1200 custom

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by writer49, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. writer49

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    Hello - I'm thinking about downsizing from my current ride, a Super Glide Custom (great bike) to a sportster. My reason is I'm getting to the age where the weight of the dyna is getting to be hard to manage. I'd like to keep riding.

    I live in the country and would use it for commuting (35-60 miles) and weekend touring. I especially love riding in the mountains out here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Sportsters weigh roughly 100 lbs less than a FXDC. I've ridden one a bit and it felt a lot more manageable. Has anyone done this and was it a good move? Thanks!
  2. dbmg

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    This is going to be a tough decision. You are used to the Dyna and being a bit heavier is actually a advantage. Are you able to use the one you rode and ride it like you would for your commute and then a bit longer as if you were weekend touring. That will definitely answer your question. Now if it were me I would stay the course of what you have and maybe see if you can adjust your bike in a way to make it more manageable.;)
  3. D.Bradfield

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    I rode an 07 heritage for years and went to a 14 ultra limited about three months ago. I get on the heritage after putting some miles on the ultra and wonder how I rode that little bitty bike for all the years. I think it's just a feel and don't think you'll like commuting on the sportster for long. On the other hand a lighter bike is more manageable in the twisties. Tough decision!!!
  4. Joyflyin

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    The shocks on the sporty are not as good as the dyna IMO. However, you can upgrade shocks on the sporty. We now have a road king and a little sporty. I have to admit, the sporty is a hoot! My husband and I both like it, mainly because it is flat out fun. However, we both have back trouble, mine might be worse than his, but he has just had an ankle joint replacement,so he really likes the sporty because it is light and much easier for him to handle while the ankle is still healing. I will add, we get some looks when we roll in with him on the sporty and me on the RK. :D But a lot of times, we will ride in like that, and then out with him on the RK and me on the sporty. They are both great bikes, but if it will be your main ride, I would really consider the comfort level that you will be giving up. Most of our rides are less then 2 hours, and that usually includes a stop for a bite to eat during the ride. We don't ride as much these days since I drive a company truck and usually don't get home until nearly 6 PM, and we have a couple of classic cars to play with now as well. Good luck with your decision!
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  5. jamesearl

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    Depends on which Sporty your thinking about.I went from an XL883 to an FXDC,and with the 3.3 peanut tank,the Sporty is definitely more top heavy,more easily tipped over.
  6. coopernicus

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    Or you could trike your bike out.
  7. writer49

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    Thanks folks - I agree, the Dyna's a comfortable bike for short or longer hauls! I appreciate knowing about your experiences - no doubt, it'll help me make a good decision.

    Once in motion the FXDC's a pretty nimble bike for a nearly 700 lb ride! Thanks again...
  8. fin_676

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    When I bought my sportster my main bike at the time was a BMW R100RT which was a large heavy touring bike that I had spent 3 years restoring although I kept it for 18 months after the sportster purchase I never chose it to go out and ride I much preferred the sportster although the wife pushed me into buying some big twins I have kept the sportster for the time that the softail and dyna get too big and cumbersome it is shorter and lighter than the big twins handles much better in the twisties and can exceed the UK speed limit by a greater margin than I care to find out
    So good bike to go for when the big twins become to difficult

  9. Jack Klarich

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    I liked my Sporster for its agile light weight, after riding it 600 miles to Sturgis each way I was pretty beat up. Around town they are fun, I think the suspension has improved since I owned one in 88, tho I liked my Streetbob more
  10. Breeze3at

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    I don't think it's worth it for 100 lbs. difference. What you will lose making the trade, etc. And the Dyna has a slightly more comfortable seating position, IMO.