They all look like Harleys to me..

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by 5Pack, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I don't care whos logo is on the tank; but a lot of cruisers look like Harleys to me.... they seem to want to look like a sporty or dyna. Doesn't seem to matter if it's a volusia, road star, shadow, vulcan, or even now a victory vegas. And there are a lot of younger people buying them. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think you can get an FX for $8500 (not new anyways). So, it can NOT be HD styling (which i don't think has changed in YEARS) as the others makers have been copying it for a long time. IMO, it boils down to nothing more than PRICE. I think if the prices were the same across the board, they would give up the radiator and shaft drive for the HD logo on the tank.....
    BTW, has anyone else looked at the victory tour models? I know my opinion is biased, but my EGC is a much prettier bike. And i think their "large looking" trunk and side bags have less cargo room than mine. JMO.
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    To each his own,everyone has to like what they ride and if they like thr wing or anything else they are no less right then a Harley owner,I swore at one point in my life I would never own another Harley,they made some junk through the years,I do agree with you that the EGC is a better looking bike though! I am biased as well:D
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    Me too.. as long as it says Harley Davidson. Harley's best. & If you don't agree with that, you shouldn't post on a Harley website and claim to ride a Harley.
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    Hope you didn't take it wrong.....what i was trying to say is that I think younger people do like the HD style (as opposed to some other thread topics). But they buy cheaper HD "look-alikes" just due to price. I always loved the HDs, but i had to wait till i was 40 and financialy set to get into what i always wanted.
    AND, I love all HDs, but the prettiest tour model in the world is the FLHT...:gh
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    I love my Harley. However, I do agree that some of the other brand cruisers are kinda cool looking. However, I have yet to find another brand touring bike that doesn't look silly to me. Maybe we are all biased because we are Harley owners, but I look at other brands like I look at customs...what did they do to make their bike unique? Some I like and some I don't. I just try to keep an open mind about it all.
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    I'm Harley all the way. They are the best if you ask me. I got into a little heated conversation this weekend in Daytona with a guy that has one of the new Yam. Warriors on how they are the best things out there and Harleys are a pile of junk. You just can't fix stupid!
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    "You just can't fix stupid " I'll bet he said the same thing.
    I now own a Harley and I luv that bike, but to say that a Harley is better than a metric is not always right. Everyone has their own riding style and preference and I for one don't care what the other guy rides as long as he can keep up with me.
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    IMO the reason that a lot of metric manufacturers got on the "Harley look alike" bandwagon was price. Many of these metrics were half the price of a comparable HD. I love my Ultra. But, in retrospect, I have to say that the Kawasaki Vulcan I owned was a good bike. Why did I buy the Kaw? Because, at the time, I couldn't afford a Harley.
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    I could care less what anyone thinks about what I ride. I bought it because it was the one bike that I just flat out fell in love with as soon as I saw it.
    Using this theory, I do not care one itty bitty teeny tiny atom like speck of nothing what anyone else rides. I just hope they are as happy with their bike as I am with mine. Whether they are riding a metric bike, a Vespa or a gas powered skateboard I will be more than happy to ride with them anytime. Well, just as long as I don't have ride in the order of whose bike is more expensive. That would be just plain silly.............:small3d007:

    My Harley is about 80% of the way to the top as far as price goes. I can find dozens of metric bikes that cost more. Price is irrelevant. Satisfaction, enjoyment and pride in ownership is what matters. Oh, and the sound. There is nothing like the sound of my bike cruising at 45 on a back road all by myself. It's better than music to me.
  10. Clayvis

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    That's the beauty of America. It's your money, spend it on what you want. (Wish I could say that about taxes, but lets not go there!) I have personal friends who would love to have a Harley, but don't have the dough. They buy used metrics because they come cheap. Hey, they get to be on 2 wheels with the same wind in their face as me. Like some folks say, "it don't make me no difference." I'll ride with em, as long as their not jerks. Now me, I like chrome, but I don't like plastic chrome. I waited a long time to be in a position to buy a Harley. Prior to that I rode cheap metrics too. I'm thankful I now have what I always wanted.