thermstat controlled cooler?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by roadking milo, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Hello Everyone, had a fantastic weekend with the Roar on the Shore being in town, hope some of you people made it here for the fun. I have a question about Harley Davidsons Oil cooler (kit # 26082-05B) says cooler is controlled with thermstat, for the life of me I cant figure out how it could be, they said (dealer) it has a spring loaded filament in oil adapter assembly, stat opens at 185 degrees, that being said, i should have closed ports on assembly. but i have open flow through all ports. took side cover off and have nothing but open passage to ports. anybody know what Im talking about
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    The thermostat is in the adaptor that is attached to your oil filter mount assembly. When the oil temp is below 185* the oil does not enter the cooler but is returned to the oil passages in the motor and than back to the filter untill it reaches 185*. Than a passages in the adaptor opens to let the oil pass thru the cooler.
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    It operates just like the thermostat on a car engine that does not allow the antifreeze to get to the radiator until it is hot enough. Only in this case it controls the oil flow to the cooler.

    Just what I have on my Ultra.
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    It likely will not be a tight shut-off, but will provide a lower resistance path as a cooler bypass when below the trip temp. They do work. You can feel the cooler with your hand to verify.

    rich P