them 1%ers

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    I was wondering if anyone has ever had a run in with any 1%er member or club? good? or bad?
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    I hung out with the Chaplin of the Outlaws from Oklahoma last summer. It was really cool....creepy....but cool

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    Not familiar with 1%ers, but have been welcomed by many rider groups. Enjoyed running with the MMA, Modified Motorcycles Association (Harley customs organization), just because they invited me while riding solo on my metric (Yamaha 550 Maxim) in Vallejo while on their way to a Toy Run to state capitol (Sacramento) 'round Christmas Eve in 1982, thought that was so cool and felt privileged that Harley riders would welcome a measly UJM two wheeled rider outside their marque'. Positively the most memorable experience this young rider ever had, hearing the roar of 1000's of bikes as we came within city limits and laid the toys down near the steps at the base of the State Capitol building. I took the MSF Better Biking advanced course soon after and became an instructor...and enjoyed the Gold Wing Road Riders amonst others. To this day am forever grateful for the comraderie and hospitality shown that day and since then, I have always felt an obligation to return favor to all riders I meet. :D
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    I seen them guys on the History Channel. :)
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    I know and have ridden with a few.They are people just like you and me.It can be good, just as easily be very bad.The wife manages a bar and there are times when members from group "H" may stop by.Other times group "O" may frequent the place.Either on there own are friendly and generaly tip well.What you need to ask yourself is where do you stand if you are with one of these groups when they both show up at the same time?
    Sounds childish but something happening across the country could easily put yourself in a very dangerous situation.
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    Here's a link that will give you the necessary information on Motorcycle Club, Riding Club Education.

    Motorcycle/Riding Club Education

    If nothing else it's interesting reading and education is always a good tool to have at hand. No matter what your attitude is about 1%'s or otherwise, this might be good to keep in the back of your mind if you do run into a "situation".
    Ugly John
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    Remembering back when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's, my dads best friend was a member of a large m/c in Northern Calif. My brother and I liked my dads friend. He was like an uncle. He joked with us and played with us and gave us rides on his bike. Now, my mother did not want my dads friend in the house! I believe that was because my dads friend wanted him to join the club. That particular club had/has a very bad reputation. When my dad and his friend rode together, not often, but now and then, my dads friend did not wear colors. When my dads friend rode with his m/c he was like a different person. I kinda feared him them and I wasn't sure if I liked him. He was only different around his club members which I only seen him with 4 or 5 times. Over 12 - 15 years around my dads friend I developed a kinda 'whatever' attitude against his moods
    and have kept that attitude towards any m/c. But, at the same time, I do not show disrespect to any. To me "respect" is the same as "common courtesy" which I show to everyone and expect nothing less from any. Over all, I pretty much agree with Smitty but remember this, when in some one elses' yard you play by 'their' rules or you could loose.

    ride safe
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    I spent 31 years in law enforcement, and while I try to avoid generalizing, I can say that I never met a 1%er during my career that was anything but a criminal. They can be nice on the outside but trust me, underneath it all they are criminals. The very title of a "1%er" was coined by the AMA to seperate the law abiding motocyclist from the outlaw. If you know any of these outlaw bikers, they thrive on that 1% badge. Hang with them long enough and trouble will find me on that...
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    i've never had any problems with them. they are very decent guys and it is very wrong to say that they are all criminals. i've had friends that are part of different gangs and while i make a conscious decision to not mix company at the same time they know who i hang out with and are cool about it. and besides, they can be a wealth of knowledge as far as bikes and biking community in general. there is generally not a "respect me because of my colors" attitude, it's more of a "respect me because i've done nothing to deserve otherwise." just like they give to me. anyone that says they are flat out criminals is of course entitled to say it but that doesn't make it true.
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    Never hung out with any of them, but the ones I have met at different functions or dealerships have always seemed nice enough. I take the tact that I am courteous to them, as I would be anyone else I ran into that I didn't know, and they have been courteous in return.

    As said, there are 'tougher' people out there, but I don't make it a habit of challenging people to find out if they're one of them.

    Are they 'criminals'? I'm sure some of them are. Just the same, the same could be said of anyone who smokes pot, drives more than the speed limit, or fudges their taxes. There are rules (read:laws) and if you break them, you're a criminal. You can argue semantics, or say it's not the same, but it's your interpretation.

    "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." This is true. But so is "Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it." Henry David Thoreau.