The trip must go on.

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  1. robermv32

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    Since last September my good friend and I have been planning our first road trip to the Black Hills of SD. We've been doing our research and purchasing our supplies in great anticipation of our departure date of July 30, of this year. I've made reservations and sent in the payment so there is nothing left but the wait. That is until today. My friend had a small lump on his temple that he had removed earlier this year and it seems to have made a comeback. He went to his doctor and the worst has been confirmed. He has an aggressive form of skin cancer. He is going in for surgery later this month and then he's to begin treatment to prevent it from entering the lymphatic system. In other words.......he can't go.

    So now I'm faced with the prospect of losing the money I've put out already or ..against the pleading of my lovely wife doing what Pru7536 did and just go it alone. Having never done an extended road trip the thought of doing it alone is somewhat intimidating. I suppose it's just more for the adventure of it all. Oh well, I still have a month to ponder this dilemma. To go or not to go.....that is the question. I'd appreciate the opinions from this forum and maybe some advice from Pru if you see this.
  2. Ungaii

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    Go, enjoy it and bring back some good stories for your buddy. Then plan another ride after your friend recovers.
  3. Safehaven

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    I hope your friend will pull through..

    I'm having a similar situation coming up in September, a friend bailed on me since his girl is now pregnant and he's about the be a father one month after the trip :) Hey, I'd be dissapointed in him if he DID decide decide to join, haha.

    I'm riding out with or without company, let's see what happens!

    Good luck to you and let us know your descision,
  4. jaceddie

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    Good luck to your friend, he will be in our prayers. I've traveled quite a bit, either my myself or with others, and have always enjoyed it. I say go, and bring the memories and pix back to share with your friend.
  5. ultradoc

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    Maybe post your route and some members can join you and ride with you for a few miles. If you don't want to go try to sell the things you bought [maybe here on this site]. I am kind of in the same delema too. A buddy and I planned a trip to the Mackinaw bridge in Michigan. I put it my time off and got approved but his boss kept giving him the runaround and wouldn't commit to anything untill a couple of weeks ago. Although I haven't rode by myself on a long trip in some time now I am hesitant to go. So weather permitting I am still planning to go there. Whatever you decide good luck and enjoy.
  6. kemo

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    I have to agree with Steve and Ungaii. Do it, and bring back the pictures and stories for your buddy to enjoy.
  7. nwbikerid

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    Just go!
  8. purplehazeultra

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    You have to go for it. Did you talk to you friend about this? I am sure he would not want you to miss out on the trip.
    Good luck!!!!
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Some times riding solo gives you more time for reflecting, and Im sure your friend would want you to go:s
  10. ultrat

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    I am a just go person too... prayers to your friends quick recovery...