The Saga of the Short Filter

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Slapp, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Slapp

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    OK folks, here is the skinny on the short filter. I coughed up the money 90 bucks and ordered the short filter from the stealer for the heavy breather so I could install the lower right glove box back on the bike. My set up now includes the Rush slip-ons with 1.5" baffles, Heavy Breather with short air filter and a Screaming Eagle tuner. After running two full tanks of fuel through the bike I have picked up a hair over 40 miles per gallon, a gain of 4 miles per gallon. And the bike actually feels like it has a little more torque. What do you all think should I take it in and have it re-Dynoed or let it be?

    With that being said, here are the measurments for the short filter in case someone wishes to match it to another type of K&N or other after market filter. The K&N part # on the filter is F027Q6, a part number that does not match anything in the K&N line up for the states even though it says right on the filter "Made in the U.S.A.". One of those things that make you go HHHmmmmm.

    FA - Flange Angle 0
    F - Flange Inside Diameter 2 3/4"
    FL - Flange Length 9/16
    L - Height 4 1/2"
    D - Top Outside Diameter 3 3/8"
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  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Your mileage went up and you're still happy with the "seat of the pants" torque and performance? I can think of lots of other things to spend your money on instead of heading back to the dyno!
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    I had my bike dyno'd once. It had a stage one and I put on a tuner and had it tuned on the dyno. It worked great, got a remarkable increase in torque and hp, which is what I wanted to see, but I will never have it dyno'd again. I think the engine really takes a thrashing and I won't risk it just to see if I have one more hp or not.
    Just my opinion which of course may be wrong however my record this year is perfect........:D

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Gasbag, I agree with you, no need to "thrash" the bike, when "seat of the pants" sensation is good enough for your pleasure sensors.

    Slap, while it is true you might be able to extract a few more horsepower after some added H-D dyno sessions, losing a bit of fuel mileage and minus $1-2k out of pocket in the process...ask yourself "-- Will it add to your smiles per mile? Running the bike 15-20 times near redline, with some back and forth tweeking? Don't think so IMHO...but it is your ride and you decide...!:s
  5. Slapp

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    OK, ok, I decided not to have it re-dynoed. My only only thought about the dyno was that putting the short filter on would change the flow of air enough that the bike might start running too lean. Ran a tank of fuel through her again this past weekend and it is confirmed 40.4 miles per gallon, The real test will be this weekend when I head to Daytona in all that stop and go traffic down there.
    For all of you and heading south and the few heading north for the big event please be safe and watch for the smoke from the fires. I will be heading down on Saturday can't wait as my brother is coming down from New York, haven't seen him in two years now. Good luck to all and see ya their.
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    That's great. Seeing your brother after two years is icing on the cake. I hope you both have a wonderful reunion. Ride safe.
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    I agree with most of the above... not for the same reasons though. I'd have the bike Dyno'd if I wasn't happy with something in its performance... not just to get 1-2 more HP out of her. Of course, YMMV.