The have & the have nots

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  1. futurerider

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    I have heard that there 2 types of bike owner's those that have dropped thier bikes and those that have not. This past weekend, I was demoted (I guess) to the have's.

    My buddy and I particapated for the first time in a fund raising ride this past weekend, the longest ride I have done thus far, 450 mile round trip. Now I know this is not much to most of you, but it was alot to me.

    Rode home early Sunday AM to beat the rain, stopped by his house to disscus the past days ride and to agree to do more. As I was leaving he sais, "be careful on those last few miles home". Rats, cursed again!

    Rolled to the end of the driveway, looked left, looked right, all clear, started my "California stop", eased out clutch, rolled on the throtle, leaned right, looked left one more time, CAR!. Sinse I was already leaning right I needed my right foot to hold the bike, so I grabbed the front brake and down I went :bigsmiley30:. Not without a fight mind you, but I lost, gravity won. I am now the newest member of the HAVE's. :wall

    By the time I touched down I had stopped all forward momentum, no damage to the bike, it rested on the engine and saddle bag guards, not even a scratch :D, my knee was another issue. It hurt more and more the rest of the day and swelled up like a balloon the next morning. After a day, the pain and swelling is reducing quikly, so no perminate damage, thank goodness. Hopefully it will be all better by next Sunday when I take my advanced riders course, better late than never I guess.

    What have I learned you ask?
    1. On a 3 hour ride, my seat is comfortable for about 2 1/2 hours.
    2. I will never be a IBA member :s
    3. No more California stops for me, just not worth it.
    4. Knees do not like to bend sideways.
    5. I can lift my bike by myself, even when in pain.
    6. You guys were right, "them that have and them that have not".

    For those that are still "have not's", my hat is off to you :hii - Don't join this club, there seems to be no reason to join, other that the good company that already belongs.

    For those that are "haves", I feel your pain!

    Thanks for letting me bend your ears (or eyes) it is much better than bending my knee :D
  2. Cleftwynd

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    Better to be a "have" than to have been hit by the cage.

    I am a club member also... I didnt fare as well as you did, and the bike was write off. both
  3. ultrat

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    glad u ok ish'''' been there.....

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    Welcome to the club. I myself am a long time member. Glad to hear you and the bike were not seriously injured. As far as 450 not being much it depends on the weather and temperature and the type of roads. I've ridden all day and covered less than 200 and on other occasions covered over 500. As long as you had a good time of it and came home safe then it was a good day - Bob
  5. rhino

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    I dont think I know anybody that hasnt at least dropped their bike. If you spend any kind of time on a bike its sure to happen. at least you learned your lesson cheaply, like i did. some guys arent so lucky.
  6. jaceddie

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    I've dropped every bike I've ever owned, and one I didn't own. Glad your knee Ok.
  7. Troy1225

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    I've been riding for over 40 years and definately a "club member". Most recently in a parking with several friends, making a right turn, used the front brake (even tho I know better) and down it went. Nothing damaged except my pride..LOL
  8. bignew

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    I joinrd the club about two weeks ago. I was so mad about the driver hitting me and embarassed about putting the bike down I jumped right up to see my bike. I ignored the fact that I was bleeding all over and that my wrist wasn't where it should have been. Luckily the bystanders got me back on the ground. My love of my bike and pride blocked out any pain.
  9. RetiredJake

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    Welcome to the club :D As a long time member, I can only say, stuff happens. Glad you came out of it pretty good. As long as there was no permanent damage, consider it a learning experience and keep getting back on.
  10. stefdustin

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    Always remember, there is a chance for round 2. Keep you guard up and be safe as possible. Accidents happen!!! That is why they are called accidents. I have had my share.