the drama....

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  1. rydahog

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    the drama never stops with bike or car dealers...
    here we are with the economy in the dumps, and you would think when a legitimate buyer with AAA+++ credit comes into the dealership and goes through the motions, jumps through their silly hoops about price ,options etc..of which we have all done time and time again,, that they (dealer) would almost HUG you after you sign on the dotted line....right.???

    WEll NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Way JOSE!! as the saying goes..

    so we agreed on trade,price,options.....he tells me,,"oh yeah i have 6 with what you want on stock, some with cruise some without" (i wanted cruise)

    I get home, wait 1 day,, nothing till late on 2nd day as he had told me, i will call you when we are ready. i get a call late in the day,,oh we are still looking for your bike, ( i say to him..i thought you told me you had it in stock? ) he starts to change the conversation we had, and says i will have it and call you later,, and we will come with a truck/trailer and pick up your bike and take you back to dealership and we can do it all at once. fine i told him. thats what i told you sunday..end of chat....
    I go out at about 5 OL calls me.....the dealer called and is still looking for your bike, he MAY have one on the EAST COAST of fla... !!

    i almost anycase,, what do i do with this situation??
    I did not leave any bikes or dough with them, there was something of an agreement i signed about sale,,but not thinking it would get like this i didnt look at it carefully, thinking this was an easy and done deal!! should i tell him forget it? any thought,...i am mellowing in my old age,, usually i would have a hair trigger and tell them to forget it,,,some input, thanks all..ryd:hii
  2. glgarrett

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    I'd say forget it. There are other dealers and other bikes...
  3. rydahog

    rydahog Active Member

    I think your right, its not like these bikes are jumping out of the showroom like in good times. There should not be an issue like this,,its a vivid black bike,,i mean thats HD's basic bike,,man gimme a break!
  4. ultra...good

    ultra...good Banned

    Well, there are a few issues here and it mostly depends on how far he wants to push the issues, I'm sure you don't want to fight corporate lawyers, and they don't want to fight you if you are dead to rights.
    First and foremost, he has to deliver EXACTLY what you agreed to buy. Cruise, color, mileage, anything else and you have room to cancel or renegotiate.
    Second, is there an agreed upon delivery date or is that left open? Is it stated that he has it in stock, will deliver in two days? You could counter claim many things but again, this gives you option to renegotiate or canel the sale. Generally you would be entitled to almost the same amount as they rent them for if he is going to try and force the sale upon you.
    Look at your contract and see what it says. Take it from there.
  5. TripleJ

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    That is some good advice and is where I would start. If this dealer is already causing you this much grief and you have not even received your new bike, I would recommend finding a dealer that deserves your business.
  6. ultra...good

    ultra...good Banned

    It works for car salesman, politicians, and I guess h/d dealers;
    "You can usually tell when they are lying to you, its real easy, their lips are moving."
  7. Rubyred

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    I agree, I would have told this Dealer to hit the road! He obviously can't get the bike you want or for some reason isn't trying hard enough!
  8. gator508

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    Find another dealer if you are not happy. In your area of FL I'm sure there are many dealers that would welcome your $$$. Good luck!
  9. drbillk

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    A new dealer, a new bike!
  10. Duane53

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    I would say forget it. They should have been up front with you from the start.