The coolest add on to your bike

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mongo1958, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Mongo1958

    Mongo1958 Junior Member

    Hey there.
    I recently purchased my very first Harley Davidson (09 Ultra Classic).
    I've had many metric bikes (Goldwing, Kawasaki and Yamaha) but never a Harley.

    I was very surprised that the ride of the Ultra Classic was so smooth and comfortable (better ergo's than the Wing too).

    I understand that every bike and manufacture has issues and that's why I'm here, to learn as much as I can so I don't find out before it's to late and how to deal with the Mother Company (if needed) to get what the bike needs.

    I've been reading up on the Sticky threads and the self-help. Got a Maint. Manual and a 36 MM tool to remove the rear axle. My bike doesn’t have a tool kit but this site help me find a good one. I also found out about a recall and some trany issues here as well.

    I installed a new LED taillight that is programmable and extremely bright. I noticed that the cars behind me stay back a little further now. I also found (here in the web sight) a lockable set of doors that can be installed into the lowers and one side has a cup holder too. A set of highway pegs is also on the menu too.

    So, what was the coolest add-on to your bike that you installed that makes your ride better?

    Thanks in advance
  2. SixPak

    SixPak Junior Member

    Coolest thing I've added to my bike... is me. Then there's the Willie G Skull headlight visor, chrome tank panel, shotgun pipes axle covers, derby and timing covers etc. they're all cool. But still the coolest thing on my bike is me. :cheers
  3. ChristoHD

    ChristoHD Member

    LED signals, LED brake, turn/brake/run mod to tourpak, LED Tourpak lights, smoke lenses all round, agitator rims, air horn, goodies floorboard extenders, Pingel shifter peg extender... i could go on, there isn't just "one"! :D
  4. FerrousBueller

    FerrousBueller Junior Member

    Well, SixPak beat me to the punch! I was gonna say "Me" also. If I had only logged in sooner.
    The other Add-Ons I like are Dobeck's EJK Gen 3, K & N's intake kit, and a can of Pledge!

    Cheers! and Welcome to the forum!
  5. YnotBiker

    YnotBiker Active Member

    My daughter gave me a bell to keep road gremlins from hanging onto my bike and messing up things. It's done a great job so far!

  6. brownfoxx1

    brownfoxx1 Active Member

    on '09 tri-glide by far is the S&S cam.
  7. stikman

    stikman Active Member

    The coolest thing that I have added is all the willie G stuff. As you can see everyone is different now that you have your Harley ride it talk with other Harley owner's check out their bikes go to rallies and personalize your bike.
  8. Dswartz

    Dswartz Active Member

    I've spent tons of money on chrome and all kinds of accessories for my bike. However, my favorite addition of all is definately a set of pipes and K&N heavy breather. A Harley just isn't a Harley unless it sounds right. I would give up all the chrome and accessories just to have that Harley sound. To me that's what separates Harley from all the other bikes.
  9. DynamoDale

    DynamoDale Member

    I think I coolest thing I put on was my new footboards yesterday!
  10. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    I was lucky enough to get a new tank do to dirt in the paint. I was able to get a police tank and then install 1960 tank emblems. The emblems are white and bike is vivid black. Also just installed a Street Glide windshield made a big difference.