The Amazing, Missing, Mysterious O-ring (sort of long)

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by gasbag, Apr 26, 2011.

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    This is a very small problem but it is driving me nuts, or nutser in my case and I have a question born mainly out of confusion, frustration and my ignorance.

    First, I have a 2006 Heritage.
    A gasket/O-ring fell out of my right rear turn signal between the removable chrome ring and the lamp housing. It seems to be there to prevent water from entering the housing to prevent corrosion. According to HD it doesn't exist.

    I have an owners manual, it is not shown.
    I have a parts manual, it is not shown.
    My Local shop, which I trust explicitly and are a great bunch of people cannot find it anywhere in their books.
    I have searched the entire internet. It seems to not exist.
    My Heritage is obviously breeding new and original parts when left alone in the garage.

    I have actually taken pictures, see below, of this elusive non-existent existing O-ring in my left rear turn signal, and a picture of where it fell out of my right turn signal. You can only imagine how bored I am.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas what this little bugger is called and where I can get one, or several? It is an O-ring the diameter of the plastic lens and fits into the groove of the lens when installed. It is about the thickness of a human hair. Ok, I exaggerated there but you get the idea.

    Any assistance will be much appreciated. Anyone who finds out what this is deserves to be knighted personally by Glider, altho I am not sure I would trust him with a sword anywhere near my neck.

    Everyone have a good day and ride safe.

    Behold my amazing photographic skills in an attempt to demonstrate my very deeply felt emotional loss of one said O-ring.

    The left O-ring in place.

    The right O-ring's previous home.

    The disgusting and rotting remains of missing O-ring.
  2. dbmg

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    Why not stop at dealer and get 2 weatherstrip rubber rings that goes under factory turn signal lenses??????
  3. HDDon

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    My first question is are you the original owner of the bike? If not it may be something the previous owner put on. Second question is when you put the lens back on do the screws tighten the lens to the holder? If it does and the parts people tell you there is no O-ring you have a couple of choices. You can go to a fastener supplier and give them the dia. of the lens and the thickness of the O-ring and they can source a supplier. You can just put the lens back on and ride on. Third question how board are you???
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Have the dealer check an older model softail I bet they are the same O rings. In the 90s the MOCO used O rings on all the turn signals to keep water out
  5. Hoople

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    Your sure there is actually a groove for an o-ring. Even if it is not available, there should be a picture of it in the parts manual. I can understand it being a part of a higher assembly (the light), but there should be a picture and part number will be listed as N/A.
  6. Jack Klarich

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  7. Joyflyin

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    Hmmm, if you could only get your bike to clone itself. :D Good luck!
  8. gasbag

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    I called them back and gave them that terminology. They are searching and will call me back.
    Isn't this exciting? I could get a reality tv show out of this.:newsmile108:

    It has been raining and cold for weeks. They actually expect snow tomorrow morning.
    I hope that answers your question.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am going to jump in my truck with the remains of the O-ring and go to HD.
    I will report back when a solution is reached.

    It's nice to have a purpose in life once again....................:bigsmiley8:

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! You found them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you sir.............I appreciate it.
    At least now I know I wasn't hallucinating and can order a few.

    Ok Glider, time to go get your sword...................:51:
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    The forum has brought purpose to Gasbags life. I knew this was the best place on the web.
  10. glider

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    Ok then ,I was going to tell you where you could get all you need.:D

    But what the heck, here it is...

    O-Rings West