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    I have been an active member of this wonderful forum for over two years now and have received a huge wealth of information to keep my steed running and help me with the technical stuff that I could never understand or find on my own. I thank everyone on here for not only donating their knowledge but donating their time to help everyone from the most seasoned rider to the newest noob, but at the same time I want to remind everyone to keep the you donation priorities in perspective. I had to receive a few donations of a different kind this week and while I won't go into any specific details I just want to thank everyone who has ever taken the time to get off the computer or set down the wrench and donated blood. I truly from the bottom my heart thank every one of you, and remember your local red cross or central blood bank is only a twist of the throttle away. Thank you!
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    +1 on that.:D
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    i would love to 87, i was sent home from Africa, my blood is in many labs and i was told "do not give blood until we find out what this is" they still haven't found out...and the worse part is "they wont name what ever it is after me" ... hmmm sounds bad when you put it in writing. :small3d031:
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    I used to be a Red Cross donor on a regular basis, then I developed DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my lower leg. I had to take Coumiden for a year and because of that I wasn't allowed to donate anymore. I don't take Coumiden anymore and now you've got me thinking that perhaps it's time I started donating once again.
    Glad that they were there for you!
    And BTW, this ain't a bad forum to contribute to either! :s:s
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    Very nice Adamal47, a very worthy cause indeed!
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    Have not given Blood in a while, we have the Georgia north Florida Blood bank @ our church often, I am an organ donor now, This is a very good thread looks like I will be donating next time around, Thanks for starting this thread