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    Hello, I am looking at purchasing the Dobeck TFI to install on my 2008 Roadking. The bike has V&H touring ovals, K&N air filter in a stock air cleaner cover but the back plastics removed. I guess this is considered Stage 1 ? As well I have 255 cams and solid push rods and lifters. No other mods I am aware of. Bought the bike used. I would appreciate any feedback on whether or not this is the "best" currently out there and as well, do these devices deliver as advertised in getting noticeable performance gains.

  2. HDDon

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    Dobeck is a vendor here on the forum and offers a discount to members. From all the input I read the unit seems to do everything that you could want from a fueler. With all the work that has been done to your bike are you sure it does not already have some type of fuel adjustment device?
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    Pics of installation on an 11 RG here. Basically the same as an 08.

  4. Grampa Royce

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    I am very sure there is no devices. None I have seen. I have had the tank off. As well, last time I checked plug color, they were pretty much on the white side of grey. This suggests to me just how lean it is running.
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    IF the 255 cams were installed by a dealer, it's pretty likely that they would have talked the owner into the Screamin Eagle Stage I download. If you know who the dealer was, they can look it up on the 'puter. Even if it has the download, the TFI should piggyback on with no problem. Your 255's are good cams. The K&N filter that fits the stock air box (even modified) doesn't flow as much as some of the other stage I units, but I don't feel it's a big hinderance to your performance.
    By solid pushrods and lifters, I assume you mean non adjustable (stock) pushrods and lifters?
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  6. Jeff Klarich

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    I recently installed the gen3 on mine. it took a little playing around with the modes to get it set up for my build but I have a lot more mods. done to mine then you do. Mine ran lean as does most Harleys but after getting it adjusted for my setup it runs great. If you have more question, get a hold of Bubbie our resident Dobeck wizard.
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    I did mine about 2 months ago. Along with my cam upgrade, the performance is great. I took a 3-4 mpg hit in fuel mileage but that was expected because i wanted to richen up the mixture and have my bike run a little cooler. No complaints with their product or the results on my ride :D
  8. Jack Klarich

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    The dealer can scan the ECM for the most recent down load you have, that said it will be EPA lean
  9. Iceman24

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    TFI's are great products, but I upgraded to GEN3 because it's easier to tune w/the lights. You might want to consider going w/GEN3 as well...worked better for me w/my poor eyes.
  10. BUBBIE

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    Members discount by Phone to Dobeck
    50$ off and Free shipping. Just gotta order by phone and let them know you are a HDT member.

    Either the TFI or the gen3:D is what I'd suggest here...

    Easy Installation... You can do it.:woot:

    The TFI is set with a little screwdriver (3 setting screws) Green mode is the only one Usually needing tuning to your bike. Dobeck sends their units out to you PRE-set per your bike and mods you tell them you have.

    The green (first) is like tuning a carb BUT you can lean OR flood the bike out with this little device.:D Fine-tuning the Green setting is a good thing to do when First Installed on your bike.

    Give them a call and ask about them.

    This is the phone number 877-764-3337