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    I installed a TFI kit the other day on my 05 Night Train and it was a breeze to do. I am very comfortable working on older HDs (Pans, Shovel, EVOs) and this being my first FI TwinCam- I was a little nervous it would be a pain in the rear. After watching Dobecks video I did the following:
    - Remove seat
    - Remove neg battery cable
    - Disconnect tank fuel line at the quick connect coupling*
    - Remove rear tank bolt and raise tank (supported with wooden block)
    - Remove AC cover as I have large hands
    - Disconnect injector harness
    - Instal the TFI harness inline from the factory harness and run the cables in the stock wiring harness routing spot
    - Hook up ground strap of TFI while I re-connected the neg. cable
    - Route all the wires nice and neat
    - Drop and re-connect tank
    - Verify settings per Dobecks instructions
    - Fire up the bike and check for leaks. No leaks found and verify LEDs are working as stated in the instructions. All good.
    - Strap seat back on and take for a test ride.

    After a few easy miles to fully warm the bike up I started pouring on more throttle. The initial slight bog I had under hard throttle is gone. Decell pops are nearly completely gone (VERY slight every once in a while) Seat of the pants dyno says bike is pulling harder. I can run the gears out a little farther and don't have to downshift near as much. The bike has 9k on it with an SE backing plate, K&N filter, Stage 1 download and SEII exhaust. Prior to the TFI it was pretty dang hot and didn't pull as well as I thought it should. A little stumble here and there, occaisional pops at steady cruise and the ever annoying pops on decell were all indicating a lean condition. The Stage 1download was on the bike prior to me buying it. Knowing how MY bike ran with it- I can say it's good for raising the rpm limit and that's it. I was truly unhappy with how it ran. The TFI made an immediate change in all of that. For the basic work my bike has had done- I can't see the need for anything more than what this provides but- I am not out for the last few ponies either. I will report back what my mileage is (38-44mpg prior to this)
    This is old news for most of you but for other new folks that are thinking about these- I say go for it. Money well spent.:D
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    Welcome to the forum! :) Many here have had similar positive experiences with the TFI, including me. Too many good reviews to deny it's worthiness. Ride safe!
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    I am thinking of this fueler also but mine runs good to me..
  4. glider

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    It'll run noticeably better with a bit more fuel.:D
  5. Flywheel

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    I installed mine a few weeks ago and what a painless little project ("06" Softail Std). My results are identical to m1marty's. This is one of those try it you'll like it deals.
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    Thanks to de advices from Glider and the Forum. I installed the TFI on my 05 Heritage. She runs great
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    I am assuming the TFi is a piggyback to the factory ECU? If so, will this still work with a stage 1 download from Harley?

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    Yes it is a piggyback and will work with the stage 1 download. The settings will just be lower than the recommended ones that come with the unit. You can always have the download removed and the stock map reinstalled, I don't think the dealer charges for this.

    More info on it here...

    Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related - Harley Davidson Community
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    +++ On the TFI - wouldn't hit the street without it. :rider

    Makes adjustments after performance add-ons a breeze!
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    I chose to leave my Stage 1 download for two reasons (3 really)
    1. Raises my rev limit to 6,200. Haven't hit that mark yet but it's nice to know that I can wring it a little if needed.
    2. *IF* the TFI ever fails- I feel comfortable removing it and running the bike back home. With the lean condition I had before even WITH the download- I don't know that I'd run my bike without it in place. Guess I could tape off a part of my filter (Old racers trick to compensate for altitude or jetting problems) if I had to.
    3. I am one of those people that despises most dealerships.