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  1. aclewer

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    I have an 07 Street Glide. Stock air and equipped with a Gen 2 TFI. I recently added Vance and Hines Monster rounds and now I'm experiencing considerable decel popping, especially when decelerating down a hill. I had a small amount of decel popping with my stock pipes before but now with the V & H it is really noticeable.

    My Gen 2 is still adjusted to the stock air and exhaust settings. Will I be able to rid myself of the popping with some TFI adjustments?...if so, any suggestions.

  2. Jeff Klarich

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    If the gen2 is like the gen3 your mode 4 grn/blu is your decel adjustment. On the gen3 the factory setting is .5 you might try bumping that up a 1/2 to 1 full light and give her a try.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    I am betting Bubbie can shed some light here as he has played a lot with them and has a good rapport with Dobeck
  4. aclewer

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    Thanks. It looks like my Gen2 and your Gen 3 aren't similar enough for you suggestion to work for me.

    I'll wait to hear back from others. The popping is really pronounced and not something I can live with at this point.
  5. Iceman24

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    First check I'd do is look for exhaust leaks related to your pipe upgrade. Did you install w/new clamps, slip pipes on properly (over header groove), and use HT silicone at the pipe/header joint?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    You need to adjust the first GREEN pot to RUN smooth at the fast idle... Then you need to Look Where the third & fourth setting is set and report back.

    Usually after changing the exhaust you need more fuel to compensate for the LACK of Needed backpressure on the engine.

    The newer bikes DO turn off fuel when you leave off the throttle COMPLETELY IF RPM's are high the stock bike doesn't POP...

    IF you are going 60 in forth and leave off completely, the bike should shut down on the fuel,,,You can hear it and feel it then come out of it to run at at about 20/25 miles per hour.

    The TFI does Nothing but add fuel around HD's settings........

    get back with your settings and MORE Later... Gotta go for my friday group ride:D