TFI adjustment increase in MPG

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    ok I have a 2006 deluxe with gen 3, adjusted it up .5 in cruise, accel, and full throttle zones (intitial settings were 3.5, 2.5, 2.5) and have gained 8 miles to the gallon, just wondering how adding more fuel can increase my MPG? maybe a dumb question, not complaining either way just trying to understand how the system works, if anyone is thinking about gettin one of these I would highly recomend it, so easy to use and install and there customer service is excellent thanx all who respond

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    My thoughts are that you engine is Not Starving to produce power now, Hence Better mileage..

    On my 09 with full stage one and TFI set properly.
    I needed to Lower the First pot setting on My TFI After putting in SE255 Cams... seamed to run too rich after cams were installed...I'm thinking the same thing as you but went the other way.... My mileage went Up with the cams as the setting went Lower... saves gas to have the engines Not Starving for fuel and they Run Cooler Too....

    Just My thoughts...

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    ***Not saying this is the case but***

    You did not cite enough data to make a solid conclusion. You did not say if it was city miles, highway miles, or a combination of both. You said nothing as to the calculated average over how many tanks of fuel.

    I can very easily make my mileage look great or terrible based on 1 or 2 tankfuls. I actually have got 32 miles a gallon and 42 miles a gallon without making any changes to the bike. And that is a fact.
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    Hoople hit the same points I was going to make.

    How many tankfulls was this based on? Different type of riding?

    There's no way bumping the numbers UP (adding fuel) is going to give you better mileage.
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    We will never claim to be able to produce better fuel mileage because as stated by the others we are typically adding fuel to increase performance and have the bike run at cooler operating temperatures. On a couple occasions though we have seen the fuel mileage go up. Mostly we attribute it to a change in riding style. If you have more torque down low then you will not be as likely to continually grab all the throttle hoping for all the power you can get. With some good modifications it will just be there and you will find yourself just holding on. Some people just keep going though and want more and more and more.....
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    Ok thanx to all, first they were all highway with very limited intown miles, second this was based on 6 tanks with the seventh looking like it is going to be the same, Im not here trying to say make a couple adjustments and this will happen for all just trying to understand, as i have stated earlier my belief was add more fuel MPG has to decrease, but that is not the case, think maybe bubbie has hit on something that makes sense to me