TFI 3.5 or V&H Fuel Pack???

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  1. glazier

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    Trying to decide which tuner to purchase to complete my Stage I upgrade. Any pros or cons on either of these I should be aware of??? I'd like to just set it and forget it.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Harley Davidson Forums You can read about them here:D
  3. Iceman24

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    Not a fan of the V&H vote is Dobeck EJK (AKA GEN3).
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    I installed the Dobeck gen3 on mine, once I got it dialed in for my setup I noticed a big difference in the performance. I don't know about any other tuners on the market so I can't comment but I'm happy with the gen3.
  5. stubbs34

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    POWER VISION works for me. Most shops and dyno centers know how to use them also.
  6. DobeckTechSupport

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    If you are looking for a tuner for your stage 1 mods and want to "set it and forget it", the Dobeck Performance EJK Gen 3 will be perfect for any Stage 1 Harley. The EJK fuel controller comes preprogrammed with the base settings recommended for stage 1 mods, so you can literally install it and forget about it.

    *TFI Gen 3.5*
    DP would like to take a second to make some clarifications on our tuners. All these fuel controllers are manufactured by Dobeck Performance:

    TFI (techlusion fuel injection) Gen 2 technology fuel controller
    EJK (Electronic Jet Kit) Gen 3 & Gen 3.5 technology fuel controller
    AFR+ (air/fuel ratio gauge, auto-tune capabilities) Gen 4 technology fuel controller

    Glazier, for your Harley with stage 1 modifications, the EJK Gen 3 will be your best solution. The EJK Gen 3 only adds fuel to the stock fuel curve; Harleys run very lean stock and need more fuel especially after an intake and exhaust are installed.

    The Gen 3.5 has the ability to add fuel as well as subtract fuel from the stock fuel curve.
    The only case where we recommend a Gen 3.5 over the Gen 3 is when you plan on changing the stock cam to a high lift cam. High lift cams run rich at idle which is why we need the Gen 3.5 to pull fuel at low RPMs.

    If you plan on changing the cam down the road, we would recommend the EJK Gen 3.5
    If you are sticking to Stage 1 mods then the EJK Gen 3 will be what you want.
    Either way, you will be able to set it and forget it with either EJK fuel controller.
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