Testing The Charging System

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by chunky59, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Hope I am in the right Forum, if im not im sorry, anyway took the 1999 fatboy out for a ride to put a few miles on it. Went to the store everything was fine, came back out of the store and it started right up, but I cut it off to do something and when I went to start it again nothing, I mean not even a click or grunt or anything. But all the lights and ignition lights came on. First I tryed to jump it off and nothing happened then I took the battery out and tested it and it is ok. I was useing bunger cords to haul something on top of the headlight and the cord sliped an caught on a wire that runs from the handle bars under the tank, im just wondering did I might have pulled a wire a lose. Do you think I may have pulled the started wire a lose. Just need some help. thanks..................chunky
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    Only one way to find out. Open your service manual and check the color of the wire that was pulled loose and see what it does. Remember that the start button is on the bars and if the circuit is interrupted by a broken wire connection, it will not start

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