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  1. Ishmael

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    I'm going to my local dealer this weekend so I'll get some answers to the following questions, but I'd value the opinions and experience of the forum. How do most dealers handle test rides? Do you just get to test one off the showroom floor? Ride a used one of the same model? Or what?
    I like the looks of the 48 and frankly I'd like a little lighter bike than my Fatboy. So far my dealer hasn't had one on the floor for several months. Any 48 riders care to comment on the ride, handling, etc. For health reasons most of my riding is less than 50 miles at a time and at 65 I'm not as strong as I once was so I'd like something a little less unwieldy at low speed or stopped. Thanks for any comments.
  2. glider

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    Test rides will vary from dealer to dealer but most will give you a test ride if you seem serious about buying. Some have a used model to try and some will let you ride a new one, it depends on the dealer as to what they will allow. They are insured for test rides and personally I wouldn't buy without a test ride. I've done it on all the new bikes I have bought.
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    Our dealer will only let you ride one up on the test ride.
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    Keep in mind the fact that you can lower almost anything which should make the fatigue factor less of an issue.
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    This is why I like the smaller "ma/pa" dealerships. When I was looking at my 09 FLHX - the owner eagerly offered to get it outside & let me test (no questions). Like glider said - varies from place to place so if you're serious - throw it at them...good luck!
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    When I bought my '08 FLHX, it was a pretty slow, cold day at the dealership. Salesman let me pick any new bikes on the floor and take them for a ride with him following on another bike. Lucky for them I had already narrowed my choices down to 2 bikes so it was a pretty quick process.

    If you can wait until Bike Week 2012, the HD Demo area is awesome! You scan your license at a kiosk and get a printed ticket. Then you wait in line, present the ticket, and demo ANY bike they have there on a marked loop around the airport/racetrack. You can repeat the process as many times as you like.