Test drive 2012 FXDWG

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Two Lane Tramp, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I got an anouncement from my local Harley dealer that the 2012s were in. I snuck out of work at lunch to check them out. Being a Wide Glide lover I was very disapointed by the look. They are still doing the black rims and details. Sorry but I love the chrome. The salesman offered me a test ride and how could I resist. (I think he wanted to take a putt even more than me.) WOW!! That bike flat smoked. Smooth and powerfull. It has the new wide rear wheel so you have to lean a little harder, but it felt like nothing could make it lose it's grip. I am very impressed by the 103 engine. Very smooth, very strong. We jumped on a freeway and before I knew it we were doing 90 and I still had a gear left. I am thinking hard about trading up to one of these bikes. Good job Harley (put the chrome back on)
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    Go for it, you only live once.

    I like the chrome too over the black.:s