terminal velocity III experience?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Scrappy, Oct 1, 2009.

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    buddy at work is thinking about this tuner for his 09 Ultra, will be doing stage 1 and possibly cams. reviews i see are very mixed. you guys have any input on this device, or have a tested alternative. he is a good guy w/o internet or he would be here himself..he is also thinking about the lowering kit. if you wanna chime in on that also.... thanks for any help.
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    I don't know about that tuner, but he can do the A/C (stage 1), pipes and a PC V and see how he likes it, if he still wants to do cams, the PC V can advance timing too, which can be helpful with cams. Maybe it's my imagination, but my bike feels alot better and I'm happy with just A/C, dobeck TFI and pipes. Best Tom

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    I traded my HOT ROD 2000 DYNA FXDS /ss gear cams and head work , mukini,, 6 speed,,$$$$$ of other things (100+ HP)...

    I wondered if I would enjoy and be satisfied the 96 cu inch on the NEW 2009 FLHR...

    I have had the new bike since aug 22 and so far have put on 5500 miles....

    I changed exhaust to vance n hines at 500 mi., scrm'n eagle air & DOBECK GFI at about 2500 miles.... since that time my thoughts have NOT gone for MORE and plan to keep what I have. I am very PLEASED with this configuration ...... The DOBECK GFI will adjust fuel enough so I can go for a MILD low end cam later if I desire...

    I thought about cams, I will ONLY go for the HIGHER TORQUE one (bolt in).... NO HEAD WORK n PISTON changes are needed..... BUT ARE to use OTHER cams with MORE LIFT AND DURATION that change the power band up on the RPM scale where I don't want it anyway....

    CAMS are a GIVE N TAKE ...... Most people think they will CAM their motors for MORE power then put the BIGGEST cam in and find out all they changed was the POWER BAND with NO FIZZLE where they wanted the power...

    THE KEY for cam change is IN ALL the OTHER CHANGES NEEDED to SUPPORT the new cam LIFTS and DURATIONS......

    example: 883 to 1200.. I wanted low end torque and power right-off the get-go.

    JERRY BRANCH (BRANCH heads) once gave me (free) suggestions over the phone on the 883 to 1200 conversion....using new 1200 cc barrels, 10.5 x 1 pistons, leaving heads n valves stock 883, use slip-on exhaust, scrm-e air & proper carb mods (1200 needle, jetting).... he saying "THEN GO CLIMB A TREE"

    AFTER his suggestions I THEN ASKED"" " WHAT CAMS TO USE???"

    JERRY responded""""" "There it goes again",,,, "YOU told me u wanted LOW END TORQUE ,,,, NOW you want to CAM IT AWAY"....

    There are many cams that will GIVE YOU and MANY MORE that will just TAKE AWAY...

    A CAM CHANGE needs a FULL PLAN not just a buy n add as you go,,, so

    CAREFUL if I may suggest...

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    thanks guys