Tell your kids to beware of kidnapping bikers...

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by theklanchXL1200N, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I think my wife found this one in Easy Riders, but I almost peed myself when she told it to me:

    A kid is walking to school when a man on a motorcycle pull up to him and offers him a ride.

    Little Jimmy the good boy that he is says to the biker, "No I don't want a ride."

    The biker goes on to say, "C'mon I'll give you some candy too if you let me give you a ride."

    Little Jimmy again says, "No!"

    The biker says, "C'mon I'll give you the candy and I'll let you sit on my lap and steer, just get on the bike and let me take you for a ride!"

    Finally Little Jimmy has had enough, he says, "Listen Dad, you bought the Honda, you ride it!!!!!!!!"
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    That reminds me of the guy who goes in to the bike shop and says "I'd like a petrol cap for my Honda". The shop owner says "That sounds like a fair enough swap."
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    Out of the mouth of babe's come the truth:rofl:D