Tank peeling, need pop up gas cap?

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    Hi guys, I don't post often but need your help. My tank has peeled around/under the fuel cap for the 3rd time!!! Its a custom paint job with hand pin stripes. I'm NOT going to have it painted it again. I want to find either a trim ring or pop up gas cap to cover the peeling around fuel Inlet. Once I find a trim ring I will sand down the paint underneath before adhesive ring installation to stop vapors from peeling paint even farther.
    I was thinking the Harley Davidson pop up fuel cap might work?
    If anyone has one could they please provide overall diameter so I can see if it will cover the peeling spot in the tank?

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    I am VERY careful of the gas nozzle when fueling...

    REALLY, think about how you use the nozzle.. Many Shove it In and let it Lean/Hang... I NEVER touch other than the inner RING inside the tank. Never...

    Holding it to PROTECT the paint that starts AT The HOLE...Never ever a problem from MY bikes (many over the years)

    Message is Not just for YOU but ALL who read this thread...:D

    The Glued-On trim is a great option for you. Many to look for... A local dealer should have all the information you need as they DO sell other than HD parts.:s

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    I'm very careful but know exactly what you mean! I've heard horror stories of the pop up gas caps getting stuck so wanted a good one! Don't mind paying more for that. I will visit my local harley dealer tomorrow after work to look at my options.

    What's made my peel/bubble is vapors trapped in the tank escaping between the rubber ring and tank. I thought my first one was defective so I got a new cap and it happened again! I can't afford another custom paint job and believe the harley ring will cover all of 1/8" of the bubble. In thinking about sanding the paint off before installing the trim ring so the paint can't peel any farther.
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    Thanks guys, decided on the harley pop up. Now I just need to figure out which one I need on my custom tank! I started a new thread for the topic change. Any help appreciated over there.
    Thanks again
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    I fueled up yesterday. The gas jockey pointed the hose at the ground , squeezed the lever and emptied the fuel in the hose run on the ground. Then he handed me the hose so I could fill up my tank.

    I made sure to give him a big Thank YOU!
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    I always use the paper towel when fueling in the tank. Never use paint saver rings but I like this Gas Caps ... :newsmile091: