Tamburini Leaves MV Agusta

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    Well... It appears Harley is determined to run MV Agusta/Cagiva into the ground.. When they bought them some months ago, Harley said there would no significant changes...

    But Massimo Tamburini, the designer of the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4, is retiring as design chief and head of Cagiva Research center..

    If you read the generic press releases, it's all hugs and kiss..... BUT

    Bruno dePrato reports in Cycle World that Massimo was having issues finalizing his contract with MV's owner Harley Davidson. He was however, confident that the end result would be positive. But regarding this most recent turn of events, Tamburini confirmed there had been problems with his contract and he hoped for further negotiations.

    He was careful to underline that the concerns were not about money. He wold have accepted a sabbatical year and didn't appreciate that the release said he was retiring.

    He also stated "I will not retire. I will start my own business again. I did it before and I can do it again, even alone."

    I can't believe HD did this little "back handed" deal. To give a press release saying he retired, when they actually would not finish negotiations is back handed to say the least. They have let go one of the greatest designers in the world..

    I'm sure some of you are going "so what". Well the "so what" is, HD is about to run a long standing manufacture with a storied racing history into the ground. Goes to show, they care more about "control" they have do about product design and history.

    Massimo has created many of the high-end, state of the art, new technology motorcycles in the world. Doing what they did, in the terms of the Harley world, would be like them firing Willy G.

    And if it wasn't about money, then it was probably about creative control/development. HD's management has a screw loose! Massimo may end up back at Ducati or even a Bimota. The motorcycles he designs sell. And sell very well. Just like the stuff that Willy G designs.

    What a shame!
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    I know! Can you imagne what his ideas could have done for both Harley and Buell? Perhaps we could have seen the vrod motor placed in a MV style frame. Or use of some of his ideas/components a in Buell/MV mash up. :bigsmiley15:

    I had hopes HD would let MV go racing... But, I'm sure that idea has been flushed.. I guess if it's not drag racing or flat tracks, HD doesn't care about it. The Buells that will race AMA this year are not a true factory effort. The dealers are handling the sponsorship and development.

    Massimo was all about advanced design and racing technology.
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    AND THE ITALIAN FLAIR FOR CRAFTSMANSHIP! Yeah, I had visions of a sportbike by Harley that would go head to head with Ducati...trellis frame, single sided swingarm, quick change rear wheel AND Brembo brakes...Porshe V-Rod technology...a successful merger of Italian fusion would have been just the thing to add performance angle to American ingenuity... :eam

    Oh yeah Honda did a similar thing when they developed the Gold Wing...they did not even bother going in house, they went basically to American riders like you and me...to find out how to build a long distance tourer, utilized our designers and technology, then paired it with their marketing savy, do you really think they would have gotten it right designing a long distance tourer on an island by themselves? :56:
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    Wow talk about cutting your own throat, it makes you wonder what direction they are going in to make a move like this.